It’s curious that an institution that is such an ingrained part of our lives should have so many superstitions associated with it. We worry about the groom seeing the bride before the ceremony. People once believed that the fourth finger on the left hand had a direct connection to the heart, and, thus, the love that is sacrosanct in a marriage.

And superstitions aside, you’ll probably have lots of other reasons to be worried about losing your wedding ring. First, they are typically something of an investment. The average cost of a wedding band is $1,862, according to data compiled by And that’s not even taking into account the engagement ring which can set the groom back by up to $5,000 or more.

Wedding Ring Mindset

Marriage isn’t the fail-safe institution that your parents may have grown up with versus what we see today. About 53 percent of unions will make it to 20 years. Infidelity is a serious threat to over 40 percent of relationships. In many ways, couples cling to the stability of traditions like the exchange of wedding rings to provide some security for the future.

That said, getting married in the 21st century isn’t cheap. The average cost for a wedding hovers around $28,000, not taking into account the engagement ring and the honeymoon. The wedding band takes on a lot more meaning than just the symbolism when you consider these other factors. They only fuel the lost wedding ring superstition.

Taking Off the Edge

One way you can make the idea of losing your wedding ring easier to deal with is to invest less money into your band. Average cost, after all, doesn’t mean what you must spend. It’s an after-the-fact statistic that isn’t an indication of a convention or rule.

Don’t let pop culture tell you how to live your life. Make your own rules. Remember, you are the only one that has to live with your choices. Keep that fact in mind when others try to sway you to take a course you wouldn’t normally choose.

Making Realistic Decisions

Your lifestyle plays a major role in your pick of a wedding ring. If you or your spouse work with electronics or in a factory, you may not have a choice about wearing a band; it’ll add too many risk factors to make it a wise decision. In that case, it doesn’t make sense to buy a luxurious palladium ring. You won’t be wearing it anyway, so why drop the cash for something that will sit on your dresser?

Of course, you probably don’t want to cast aside the tradition of exchanging wedding rings. It carries a lot of symbolism for you two and your loved ones. It also provides an anchor that can give a relationship the necessary stability to follow the long-term course. Let’s face it. Marriage is a scary prospect. So much is unknown. We all crave for something that gives us security.

Affordability and Ring Decisions

One way you can relieve your angst about losing your ring is to buy one that is more affordable. Make sure and consider your wedding bands as part of your wedding budget to avoid overspending. Remember, it’s not the material object that represents your union; it is the commitment that you’ve made to each other.

There’s no rule that says you have to break the bank on your rings. Instead, take the practical approach with ones that are well within your budget. They aren’t any less important if you’ve spent less than $2,000 on them. Symbolism is priceless, and that’s exactly what your wedding bands are.

Upgrading Your Rings

Money is certainly going to be tight for the first few years of your marriage. That’s part of the reason that millennials prefer going into it with dual incomes. That means you two can buy less expensive rings that you won’t feel as anxious about losing. So much for the superstition! You can start out your lives together with something that fits your current budget.

Later, when you renew your vows, you two can celebrate with an upgrade on your wedding rings. There’s less of a stigma about swapping out the rings you had when you both were married. It doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of the original set. But then you can keep them in a safe place so that losing them isn’t something you need to concern yourself with later.

Finances and Marriage Stability

Money, like it or not, plays a big role in marriage from the start through its duration. Being not financially prepared is a significant reason that people delay getting married no matter what the age group, according to a Pew Research survey. Finances are also a factor in the stability of the union. It makes sense, therefore, to consider its impact in its part of the entire context.

Think about the repercussions on your everyday happiness if one of you loses your wedding band. You’re both vulnerable in the early years of your marriage where you both are trying to find comfort and stability. Of course, accidents happen, but a loss can act as a trigger for insecurity in your spouse.

An excellent way to keep the peace at home is to take the sting out of a loss of a wedding ring. Either invest wisely in an affordable ring or even purchase a second one if you both know a risk exists, given your lifestyle. It’s the smart way to ensure you have a similar replacement in case the style you originally had gets deprecated. Rings, like anything else, have fashions.

Being worried about losing your wedding band isn’t a way to begin your new life. You can reduce this unneeded stress by buying rings that you can replace easily that won’t throw a wrench in your budget. The value of them rests with your commitment to each other rather than the money you invested in buying them.

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