My Big Fat Greek Wedding isn’t necessarily your typical wedding film. But if there was a movie category for Wedding Classics, this would definitely be one of the top picks.

And if you haven’t seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I would recommend you stop reading this article and pull it up on Netflix or Hulu.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of those movies that you can watch when in any mood, whether you are super pumped for your wedding or crying hysterically because of your co workers at work. Through the relationship of “born and raised Greek” Toula Portokalos and the typical American guy Ian, it is demonstrated that relationships can be fruitful, even through life’s curve balls.

Through this classic wedding film, couples who are almost at the altar can enjoy a fun comedy but also learn from the Ian and Toula’s mistakes and growth throughout the course of the film. These are just a few reasons as to why every couple should watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding before they get married:

  1. It’s a comedy. It’s hilarious and you seriously can’t turn down a good comedy. And above all, it’s relaxing. Imagine it’s the week before the wedding, and obviously the week before the wedding is the most stressful. You have the bride running around, making last minute arrangements, the groom trying to calm his fiancee down as much as possible and family flying in to stay for the weekend. It’s overall craziness. Take one of those nights and enjoy a movie date, enjoying the greatness of Toula’s crazy family. Especially her grandmother.

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2. It teaches us about cross cultural relationships. The biggest conflict in this major motion picture is the cross cultural relationship between Ian and Toula. Toula’s father has his eyes set on Toula marrying someone who is Greek. And when Ian comes into the picture, her father is not easily persuaded. Now obviously they easily cure the situation and have Ian quickly baptized to be “officially” Greek. But even after, there are still obvious cultural differences. The crazy thing is is that this is not uncommon. Many marriages struggle because of the different traditions and language that is shared between them. But through it all, Ian and Toula continue to love each other, accept each other’s differences, and start their lives together.

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3. It shows us that true love is worth waiting for. In the beginning of the story, Toula is self conscious about herself due to the fact of her age and her single status. Little does she know that she would meet her husband just weeks later. And while many young women today worry about being a crazy old cat lady or guys worry about losing their man card, they should instead remember that their true love is out there somewhere. You just need to be patient and truly believe that the wait is worthwhile in the end.

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4. Remember: your wedding is PROBABLY not as crazy as Ian and Toula’s. I say probably because there are probably wedding stories out there that are just as bizarre as theirs. But for the majority, feel encouraged. Most likely, your wedding isn’t going in all different directions like Ian and Toula’s wedding is.

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5. We can learn some real life advice. Did you know that you can put windex on anything and it will heal? Did you know that lamb isn’t meat? And apparently, there are only two kinds of people: Greeks and people that wish they were Greek. It’s the little tips like this that will carry us through life with our spouse.

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Now if you don’t watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding, does this mean you’ll have a short marriage ending in divorce? Of course not! But this movie is a fun one to watch and for the most part, has pretty good values. So need a fun date night? This is obviously the best option. 

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