The days of only having the bride wear white on her wedding day are long gone as different trends have come to the forefront. One of these popular new trends of wedding day dress is outfitting the rest of your bridesmaids in white as well. This idea was pulled off beautifully a few years ago when Pippa Middleton wore a flowing white dress for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding and brides have been trying out this wonderful style ever since. How do you successfully pull this look off though? We have a few helpful tips and tricks to getting the bridal party in white without upstaging the bride.

Keep It Different

While you may want to get all of your bridesmaids long flowing and luxurious dresses just like you have, this is an area where you should still keep it diverse as you should still be the most elegantly dressed on your special day.

If you are wearing a strapless dress that features a large train, fit your bridesmaids in a dress that features straps so you can keep things versatile. Whether it’s a gown that features straps on both shoulders or a more modern look with just one, having a very different design feature like that one is a great way to keep things separated.

If you have a summer or early fall wedding, there is probably a good chance you are having it outside. For the outdoor wedding, one of the most important things is staying cool and staying comfortable. One of the best ways you can do is dress your bridesmaids in a shorter white dress. The white will help them not get as hot in the heat of the summer, and having something that stops slightly above their knee will help them be far more comfortable and mobile throughout the day as they celebrate with you.

Keep it Simple

One of the best ways to have your bridesmaids in white and in a classy and elegant way is to have the dress be a very simple piece. Whether this means it is a shorter dress or simply one that has less going on in the back of it or is lacking a pattern, keeping the bridesmaids dresses very simple and elegant can keep them in white while making sure you are still the best looking person on your big day.

Keep it Versatile

If you want to keep your ladies in white but don’t want it all blending in, consider providing them with a white dress that is slightly different on each one. While the length can be the same, having a different neckline for each one is a great way to add some uniqueness to your bridal party and help them put their own personal touch on each dress with a style that suits them the best.

Follow some of these simple tips and tricks and you can pull off the all-white wedding with ease.

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