The choice for men’s wedding rings has expanded quite a bit from the simple yellow gold band that was once the norm for men. Men have the need to express their individuality just as much as women do, and are often electing to opt for wedding rings that more truly reflect who they are. 

These can range from simple smooth bands, to more elaborate diamond studded bands. One choice that has been increasingly popular has been a white gold band, rather than the yellow gold that has been historically been the most popular choice. Here are five unique white gold wedding band choices that men have to choose from today.

Although you might not think it would be a first choice for many men, a choice that has become more popular in recent years is to have a floral design decorating the top of a modern, white gold wedding band. Typically, the top of the ring is flat rather than rounded and the ring is usually around 2.95 mm wide.

Another popular choice is the more traditional looking band that features a brightly polished band that is edged in dual rows of milgrane decoration. These bands typically are wider at just under 6 mm.

The comfort fit is available in a wide variety of band designs. It is a popular design choice because the rounded edges make it far more comfortable, particularly for men that work in industries that require extensive use of their hands, such as in carpentry. One great example is a comfort fit low dome design that provides for a substantial feel, has squared sides, and a rounded interior for added comfort.

Very bold and stylish, and also available with the comfort design, is the brushed inlay wedding ring. Its striking contrast is accomplished by the combination of a polished, rounded edge and a stripe. It stands out among rings and draws people’s attention to it.

One of the most elaborate designs that a man may choose is a ring that is crafted with a surface that has several deep grooves cut into it that have been embellished with jewels and engraved floral abstracts. This is an antique style ring and is wider at about 6 mm.

These are just five of the myriad of wedding ring designs that are available for men in white gold today. Available in designs from classic to modern, and nearly everything in between, men today can find a ring that most suits their personalities and that makes a statement. All jewelers today carry rings in white gold, and they can be bought at a variety of price points.

If you are interested in choosing white gold for your ring of choice, start by determining your budget. It is worthwhile to invest some time researching ring styles and prices online before you visit your local jeweler so that you can have realistic ideas of what you want. 

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