What is my ring size? Are you asking this question now? If yes, then don't worry because we'll help you find out what your ring size is.

If you’re like us, shopping online is rapidly replacing trips to the mall. You can order anything online now from shoes to milk. Shopping for clothes and accessories is tricky if you haven’t bought a particular brand to check the size. Every manufacturer makes things a little different. That means clothes, shoes, and rings may be slightly larger or smaller depending on who makes them.

What is my ring size or your ring size? One way to solve this problem and get the right size is trying on a brand locally than ordering it online.

However, that method still requires a trip to the mall or your favorite department store. If you take a chance and order something hoping it will fit and it doesn't, sending it back can be aggravating, and some online retailers charge a restocking fee.

There isn’t an easy way to solve this problem with things like clothes and shoes, but you can improve your chances of ordering a ring online and getting the correct size. The first step is figuring out what is my ring size or your ring size?

There are a few ways to accomplish this task with little to no hassle. Visiting a local jeweler and getting your finger sized is always an option but let's try to avoid that for now.

Use a Flexible Measuring Tape to know What is my Ring Size?

If you have one, a flexible measuring tape like the type tailors use is perfect for sizing your ring finger. If you don't have one, check with a nearby friend or family member to see if they have one you can borrow. If you don't have one and acquiring one is not an option, skip to the next section. We're trying to avoid a trip to the store but running out and buying one is an option if all else fails.

Wrap the tape around your finger close to the knuckle. Any ring you buy needs to slip over the knuckle easily because it's the thickest part of your finger. Sliding a ring on or off shouldn't be a struggle or hurt.

However, if it's not snug enough the ring will slip off your finger when you aren't paying attention and get lost. If you’ve lost a ring before, you understand the anguish that follows while you retrace your steps searching for a lost ring.

Don’t wrap the measuring tape too tight hoping to avoid a lost ring in the future. Wrap it snugly but be sure you can slip the ring on and off easily. Measure your finger at the end of the day. Your fingers on the dominant hand are slightly larger than those on your other side, but finger size can also change throughout the day.

The change is small, but a small change will hinder removing the ring.

Once you know how big your finger is in millimeters, the final step is simple. You can visit any jewelers website and view a ring sizing chart that shows ring sizes converted to millimeters.

To identify what is my ring size or your ring size? Usually, the chart is referred to as a printable chart, but there's no need to print it. Scan the chart and find your finger measurements and the corresponding ring size. If your finger size is between two ring sizes, opt for the larger size. The ring will still fit well, and it won't slide off.

According to Quora, the average woman’s ring size is six and the typical man’s size is ten. Don’t assume you fall into the average size category. Always measure and confirm to avoid the hassle of returning things. If the ring is custom made, the jeweler may attach a fee to returns or not accept the return at all. Most ring sizes fall between size five and size 12:

  • Size 5: 15.7mm
  • Size 6: 16.5mm
  • Size 7: 17.3mm
  • Size 8: 18.2mm
  • Size 9: 18.9mm
  • Size 10: 19.8mm
  • Size 11: 20.6mm
  • Size 12: 21.3mm

Using a Printable Chart (What is my Ring Size)

If you have a ring that fits but don't know the size, a printable ring size chart is a quick and easy way to figure out your ring size. Check the website of your favorite jewelers and look for a section on ring sizes. Most online jewelers have a printable ring size chart or measuring device to download and print. For the best results, download and print two or three charts and compare your ring to all of them.

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Try to download a printable ring size chart from the jeweler you plan to buy from to be sure their rings match your finger. There are several ways a ring chart can be wrong, but if it comes from your jeweler, it won't matter. Even if their rings are slightly smaller or larger than average, their chart will still be accurate for their products. Call or email them for advice if you need help.

If you don’t already own a ring that fits well, this method still works. Most charts have a circle to compare an existing ring to once you print it, but they also have the sizes marked for each circle plus the size in millimeters. Similar to the method above, look for your finger measurement on the chart.

Always go with the larger size if your finger is in between to ring sizes.

Ring Sizes for Someone Else: What Is My Ring Size?

Ring sizes get tricky if the ring is for someone else and it needs to be a surprise. A lot of stress comes with buying a ring as a gift because you want the right size on the first try. Chances are the ring is a gift or a surprise, so asking for their ring size will ruin the fun. You become a secret agent at this point searching for any clue and hoping you get the right size.

Avoid the stress and ask a friend or relative if they know the person's ring size. Someone probably knows but be sure you make the swear to be quiet about it. If you don't trust their friends or family to keep your secret, there are other ways to accomplish your goal with minimal stress. None of these methods require much effort, and you can do it without sneaking around like a cat burglar.

The easiest way to get a ring size for another person is the printable chart method. This method requires they already have a ring that fits, and you have access to that ring without their knowledge. Print out the chart, fold it up, and hide it in your pocket. The first chance you get to compare their ring safely to the chart should be all you need to get the size. Be careful and don’t get caught.

A sneakier method requires a little innocent lying. If the person you are getting the ring for has fingers that are about the same size as one of your family members, ask them to try on rings for you. Tell them you want to get a ring as a gift for mom, dad, or some other family member. Be careful with this method because intuition will trip you up. This scenario must be believable, or it won't work.

As a last resort, and you have to be quick, trace the inside and outside of a ring you know fits. Lay it on a piece of paper and trace the inside and outside using a mechanical pencil. The lead in a mechanical pencil is thinner and longer but breaks easier. Gently trace the ring onto your paper and compare it to a sizing chart later. This method is an absolute last resort.

Some Final Notes to Consider: What is my Ring Size?

Ring sizes are not absolute from jeweler to jeweler. Get sizing charts and information from the jeweler you plan to buy from if possible. Always opt for the larger ring size if the size you need is in between two regular sizes.

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The metal that a ring is made of can affect the size in some cases. Call or email your jeweler and ask for their advice if you have any doubts.

Whichever method you choose to find your ring size or someone else's, always have a backup plan. There is a chance the ring won't fit. If you are buying the ring as a gift, the possibility it won't fit increase a bit unless you have access to a ring you know fits the person.

Don’t forget the off chance that the reason they aren’t wearing the ring you compare to the chart is because it doesn’t fit anymore. Ring sizes change as we age and lose or gain weight.

There are a lot of variables to consider, but one of these methods is bound to work for you. If the ring is for you, the task is simple. It only gets difficult if the ring is a gift. Try asking a friend or family member before you switch to the cloak and dagger methods of finding ring sizes. If they know it’s a gift, they can keep your secret long enough for the ring to arrive.

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