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There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding that it can all quickly become a blur. One of the questions most often asked by a newly engaged bride-to-be is, “Where do I start?” The first decision to make, and upon which many others will be based, is when to have the wedding. Often times, the time of year you decide to marry will foster the way for making a lot of the other decisions that come with coordinating the biggest day of your life. Not only will setting a timeline help you to keep things in perspective in order of priority, but it will also help you know in which season you will be celebrating and, thus, which wedding theme colors will coordinate well for your event.

Choices, Choices

When it comes to deciding on wedding color themes, you could choose to go with a color you really enjoy, perhaps you and your fiancé’s favorite colors, or a combination that reflects the time of year. Color is an element that helps to set the tone and feel of the entire event, whether you are going for bold, classic, romantic, or trendy, the overall color theme will also help narrow down your choices for other decisions to come such as flowers, bridesmaid dresses, table linens, and décor.

Classic Wedding Theme Colors vs. 2016 Color Trends

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Pantone announced the colors of the year for 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity, a gorgeous ethereal shade of cotton candy pink and a dusky lavender blue. They lend themselves beautifully to a spring or summer wedding but would be a perfectly sweet combination for year round. Pair them with a silver or gold accent shade for a romantic, feminine feel that is as sweet as your love. Another trend that has been going strong for some time is the ombré effect. Select one of your favorite colors and repeat it in differing shades to give your event a cohesive yet chic look. Often times, complementary colors can be both classic and trendy. Popular wedding combinations seen in the past have been purples and blues with yellows, teals with corals, and greens with pinks.

Trending Now

Some popular combinations for a spring wedding include pale yellow, pale blue, and cream, seafoam green and sky blue with accents of gold, and pale pink and coral with silver. Pastels lend well to the spring season just as bright, vibrant shades bring fun and warmth to a summer affair. A summer wedding would be well-suited for wedding color themes such as bright pink and nectarine, clover green, silver, and navy blue, or sunflower yellow, lavender, and gold. Rich, jeweled shades of amethyst, emerald, sapphire, and ruby are beautiful for fall or winter and would pair well with an accent of either silver or gold for a classic, elegant feel.

Setting the Stage

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Deciding on your wedding colors is a huge first step in being well on your way to walking down the aisle. Once you have narrowed your decision down, you can use your choices to tie together all of the other details. While your wedding theme colors may seem like an easy choice to make, it is one of the bigger decisions which requires thought in order to coordinate the entire event. You will want to ensure you choose a combination you will be happy with long after the wedding is over and you are looking back at pictures and memories of that day. You won’t want to look back and think that your choices were rather tacky after all but that they helped you achieve that perfect atmosphere for one of the biggest events of your life. Let your wedding colors be an extension of you and you won’t go wrong.

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