It’s wedding season, and if you have been planning your own, you know the craziness that goes into the process. If you are just beginning to plan your wedding, one of the first things you should decide on early is what colors you want to have as your theme for the day. There are always popular trends year to year, but you can always select your own to put your personal touch on the big day. If you are struggling to select your colors for your wedding, here are a few suggestions that are sure to impress your guests.

10 New Color Combos You’ll Love

When it comes to selecting your colors for your wedding, you may just want to stick with neutral colors that you enjoy and are not too wild and out there. This is a great option and you should be pleased without a doubt. If you are looking for some thing a little bit more outside the box to try out for your wedding, there are plenty of fantastic different styles. One of these different combinations is the use of fuchsia and poppy. The pinkish hue and red may not seem like an ideal pairing, but flowers in these colors make fantastic centerpieces or a flower headband for the bride. You can see this combo and more in this article from The Knot.

13 Chartreuse and Neutral Color Palette Ideas

The yellowish-green shade may not seem like an obvious choice for anyone planning a wedding, but chartreuse can be used in a variety of ways in a wedding and create a spectacular effect. From using it as a font color for your invites, working it into thin belt features on bridesmaids, or even making it a popular color in your food such as edamame or kiwi fruit, there are many ways to keep this a classy and elegant color.

Top 10 Wedding Color Ideas for 2015

There are always popular trends in colors that you happen to see at multiple weddings each year, but the reason you see them so often is that they typically work so beautifully together. 2015 is no exception in the world of color trends for weddings, as a new batch has emerged as the popular choices for the season. From lighter combinations of grey, pink, and khaki, to a darker feature of navy, cream, and blush, the options are endless. Pink bridesmaid dresses standing across from grey tuxes with khaki burlap decorations will always look outstanding, while a navy table cloth will match nicely with cream or blush napkins and flowers. You can check out these styles and more here.

7 Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Their Wedding Colors

Selecting the right color options for your wedding can be a challenging and overwhelming process, making it easy for your to make a blunder. From trends to tradition, it can be easy to fall into a trap of something that you just don’t enjoy. Many brides make the mistake of selecting popular colors for the season that they themselves don’t enjoy for the purpose of matching trends. Others will go too outside the box in order to make a statement. Staying true to yourself and keeping things in order is key to picking the right color palette. You can check out these tips and more here.

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