It’s crazy because we never think about how much the wedding cake costs as we are stuffing it into our newlywed spouse’s face. And many times, the bride doesn’t think too much about the cake. But the truth is, the cake is a very important part of the wedding, not only for the bride and groom, but for the guests as well. And the reality is that wedding cakes are not cheap at all.

The average wedding cake today can cost anywhere from $500 to $1500. Although that’s a broad window, $500 for a cake that won’t even last more than an hour is pretty expensive. And $1500 is even more extreme.But a new fad has kicked in. Many brides are using cupcakes instead of purchasing a big, flashy cake. Cupcakes can run anywhere from $2 a cupcake to $5 a cupcake, but the average wedding cupcake is about $3. So, let’s say you have 200 guests. You’re looking at about $600 for cupcakes. So while that may be a hundred dollars more than our lowest amount for a cake, there’s so many more possibilities with cupcakes!

  1. You can totally mix and match! Unlike one big cake, cupcakes allow total freedom in the creativity aspect of things. You can have half of the cupcakes one color and a design with the other half a completely different design. You can mix flavors and different icings to suit whatever fits you! Obviously within the range of the baker. Having wedding cupcakes allows that ability to express yourself in many different ways.

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2. You can send leftovers home with your guests.The last thing you want to deal with when you get home from your honeymoon is a month’s supply of wedding cake/cupcakes leftover in your fridge, just sitting there and calling your name. Believe it because it is seriously the last thing you will want to deal with. But there is an easy solution. Send them home with your guests, family, and bridal party, that is, if there are any leftover. But with cake, it’s much harder to divvy up and try to get your friends to take home. Cupcakes offer this simple solution to your leftover problems!

3. It takes less time to serve the guests. With a wedding cake, it takes a good amount of extra time to cut pieces for everyone. With cupcakes, all you need to do is set them up to look beautiful and perfectly placed, and people can come up and grab them whenever. And if you have kids, they will definitely like the cupcakes more than cake, allowing the parents to not have to worry about getting a piece too big or too small. It’s stress free for the bride and whomever else may be helping with the wedding. Less time for setup, more time to shove cake in your husband’s face.

Speaking of smashing cake in your spouse’s face, how does that work with cupcakes? Does it work at all? While it is possible to smash cupcakes into your significant other’s face, cake definitely suits better. What you can do is have a small piece of sheet cake made that is just for the specific purpose of the cake cutting. That way you can still have cupcakes but not buy an entire wedding cake, still having the cake smashing affect.


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In the end, some speculators would believe that wedding cake is formal and has always been the way to go, so why change now? But many others appreciate the economical and “money saving” idea of wedding cupcakes. It is truly up to the couple to decide which they would rather have. But if you are looking for a fun new way for your guests to enjoy the wedding cake event, cupcakes are definitely a great new option.