At, we want you to have the wedding
of your dreams. Our blogs are produced by searching through hundreds of images
from top wedding blogs and magazines so that we can show you the most useful
information and visually inspiring content. We believe that the more
information you have to view, the better. We want to provide Inspiration to
help fill your wedding day with the things you love while you are surrounded by
the people who love you.

As a bride, there are three main reasons that you should be
reading wedding blogs:

Niche Inspiration: Whether you already know the theme that you’d
like to use for your wedding or you’re just getting started with brainstorming,
the main reason to review wedding blogs is to inspire and motivate you. You can
find gorgeous photos and narrative in each blog’s defined styles: ocean view,
rustic weddings, the ultimate classic weddings, etc. And don’t forget to peruse
the DIY tutorials, which can be the answer to your frustration or your budget’s
new best friend.

Vendors: While planning your wedding, some of your biggest
decisions will be the people and businesses that you choose to hire (whether
your wedding is local or a destination wedding). It’s helpful to search through
vendor reviews, or look at your favorite blogs to narrow the list down for you.
Some vendor guides list reputable vendors by category and area. For most blogs,
getting included in a blog’s vendor guide involves a stringent vetting process –
even for paid listings, vendors have to be highly recommended by other vendors
and by brides who’ve used them to participate. And remember that blogs that
real weddings and styled photo shoots always have a list of vendors that were
used at the bottom of each post – that way you can find out the vendors you
like as well as the vendors they work with, so you’re able to assemble your
dream team for your own wedding.

Real Couples: Although most wedding blogs feature the photos
during a couple’s wedding, some also feature the backstory. It’s key to learn
from the couples that have already been there and done that – taking advice
from someone who already made a decision that you’re still working on will give
you invaluable foresight. These lessons also help when managing your budget and
encourage brides on where to splurge. Additionally, make sure to look at the
comments section of blogs, if you’re curious about specific details in a
wedding, you can send a message and often times editors or other knowledgeable
commenters may respond. Hearing crucial advice from real brides and grooms that
have already been through the planning process, as well as interacting with
those couples who are currently in the middle of it, is invaluable.

These days, there’s a blog for every wedding niche you can

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