Save the dates are an important step in getting people to come to your wedding. If they are attractive and well made, then people will either put them on the fridge or somewhere in the house where they will see it everyday. Many people who send out magnets end up staying on the fridge for many years, and the better it looks and the better the photos are, then the better chance you will have of people looking forwards to going to the wedding.

There are many different ways to save the date and many of them will be of great interest to the people that your sending them to. Whenever two people are getting married there is an overwhelming joy about it in the eyes of everyone, not just you. Weddings are one of the happiest things on earth if not the very happiest thing on earth. The celebration of love, which binds and holds the world together, is a day of pure love where nothing can come in the way.


Magnets are a great way of saving the date, although they may be a little more expensive than cards or home made objects. We would vote against cards or postcards because they are not really special and unique. Not to mention, magnets are almost impossible to lose because they are usually stored on the fridge. They have a much better look to them than the cards to, almost a more glossy look.

There are ways to make the magnets unique and awesome.

The first kind of magnets we will be covering are one of a kind. They are ticket magnets which don’t typically have a picture on them which you may not go for, but they are certainly old fashion and funny. The photo below shows this unique idea.


A thing to remember is that everything that isn’t a typical save a date on a magnet is very unique because people don’t do much out of the ordinary when it comes to save the date because they want to save their budgeted money for the actual wedding. In our opinion, save the dates are one of the most important things next to the invitation, because they basically are the promise that the invitation will come.


As you see in the image above, this is a very unique and cool save the date idea. The white card in the back promising that there is an invitation to follow is not magnetic. The cool thing about this is that the cork is magnetic and will keep the paper on the fridge while at the same time saving the date and couples name on it. It may be a smart idea to add a picture of the couple on the back piece of paper for better look. 



This is a great idea and very vintage and old fashioned! These can even be home made and cost you very little. Now… it might be very hard and tedious to make, but the thought is there and any way you can save money you are going to want to! Bottle caps are a classic, and adding your own little spin to them will be amazing. You can use these pictures as templates or look online for other templates which give millions of ideas for save the date magnets, cards, and postcards. 


If you are having a destination wedding, something that would be really cool and very unique would be to send out a post card. Travel post cards are often very appreciated and fun to look at, and when it comes in the mail and the couple getting married is on the back, what a surprise! 


As you can see in the image above, these are very vintage and very unique as compared to regular cards. If you are trying to be different then we advise against using regular cards unless you design the front yourself to your liking. These can be made online or even ordered from the state or country that you plan to get married in. Maybe you can add a little bottle cap magnet or cork market with it to keep it on the fridge. As long as you made the fridge then you are going to be okay! 


Movies are one of the most abstract and unique ways to get people to save the date. There are many different positive aspects of doing this. If you do not want to burn 100 copies of the video, you can always email it to their email, but the problem with that is that it will often be forgotten about and lost. If you send it to them in the mail the first thing they will do is stick it in the computer and see what is is. 

It would do you very good to watch the video above. Not only is the video funny but it is so entertaining that you can’t stop watching. You may want to do something like this because of how different it is compared to everyone else. If you want to do this AND a magnet or card, we do suggest that combination as well. Also, you do not have to follow the funny theme, if you want to make it cute and lovey and mushy that is completely okay. Making a movie with your wedding party might just be the funnest thing you’ll ever do, so just try it out! 

The movie above with the woman in the yellow dress is a classic example of a cute and mushy one, where they just have fun and show their true love for each other in the city of love (paris). 


There are many more videos on youtube that you can find and research, but we hope you are very original and do what makes you happy! If you want a clever way of doing save the dates, we strongly suggest you go outside the box and make a shot film or a movie! More ideas can be found by searching wedding video- save the dates. Watching marvelous wedding videos from photographers can help you create ideas from scratch. 

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