Heres the thing…rain on your wedding day doesn’t matter when you are going to be marrying the love of your life. Rain is the absolute last thing you are going to be thinking about, and when the day comes that you get to start the rest of your life with your favorite person by your side, you know you’ve won and that the rain can’t ruin anything. In exotic or destination weddings, many tropical places rain everyday and have unusual rain schedules that are hard to predict, but make the most of it while you can! There are a million and a half cute ideas when it rains on your wedding day and there are many positives to this experience. One positive would be that it is indeed your wedding day! Nothing should get in the way of your happiness on the day you get to walk down the aisle. 

TIP: Make the most of it 

People often use the phrase “its like rain on your wedding day” when talking about things that don’t go their way, or while talking about depressing situations. But they have it all wrong… rain on your wedding day can be a good thing, minus the frizzy hair! (which can be helped) 

TIP: use lots of hairspray but don’t worry too much about it 

Keep reading for encouraging situations and ideas for when it rains on your wedding day. If there is not a specific church you can move into, make the most of whats outside, like pavilions and cute gazebos. There are plenty of outdoor venues that have things for every case of weather, just in case the day is too bad to host outdoors. In case the venue does not, here are some things you can prepare for or look forward to while getting ready for your rainy wedding. 

TIP: Look forward to the cute wedding photos 

1. Rain makes the pictures even cuter! Want Proof… HERE. 






STILL don’t believe me? Check these ones out then, trust me I can keep going. 


One more just for fun… 


See, now that you believe me that the pictures are so much cuter in the rain, time to get to some other stuff! 

You wake up and its raining on your wedding day…take a deep breath because you already have all the umbrellas ready to go (hopefully) 😉 

The best kind are the ones that are unplanned and the best memories come from the most unexpected things in life

2. Rain is an good way to get closer to your significant other all day 

Okay, so we know that you’ll get the rest of your life to be close to the love of your life, but there’s something about that special day that you can’t get enough of them. There’s no one or anything that makes you want to lose contact or sight of the one your going to marry.

Rain gives you the perfect excuse to snuggle up to your love all day long. Whether it’s during the ceremony, while dancing, or after everyone has left, the only thing you want to do is snuggle up because that is the mood created by the rain. 

There is nothing more happy than being close to the love of your life. 



Do you see how happy they are despite the rain? 


3. The flowers are hydrated and fresh 

Even though the flowers are made fresh for the wedding and usually are no where close to being dead for the wedding day, the rain coming down that day will make them last longer so the effect of your wedding day sticks around for little longer, which is always a great feeling. Most people never want the day to end. Some do.. for reasons we cannot say! 


4. Rain on your wedding day signifies good luck 

Many people ask, “is rain on your wedding day good luck?” “or bad luck?” You may not chose to believe that rain on a wedding day is a good thing, but it actually is a symbol for good luck. Many cultures chose to embrace that rain on a wedding day signifies fertility and cleanliness. There was a couple who had a child exactly 9 months after it rained on their wedding day and from then on it was culture. 

TIP: tell the guests that you believe it is good luck and they will become a little happier to be at the wedding despite the rain that they have to sit and walk through. If they know that you are happy, they will be happier. 

5. The story will never get old 

You know how you rushed around and tried to find umbrellas or when no one knew if the wedding was cancelled so you had to call everyone and tell them? Or when your shoe sank in mud or how your white dress got muddy on the bottom before the ceremony? Or when the ring barrier rolled in a puddle and almost lost the ring while your dog is running ramped around the yard because all these people are at your house getting ready? That will all call for one of the best stories ever. The best stories are the ones that never go as planned, and the best memories are the ones that almost killed you. The story about how it rained on your wedding day but it was still the funnest most entertaining day of your life will never fail to make everyone laugh like crazy. 

TIP: write down every crazy thing that happened that day 

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