There is nothing quite as exciting and equally stressful as planning a wedding. From the guest list, food, music, decorations, and more, there are a million different things you have to be aware of on your big day. When it comes to decorations, centerpieces for your tables at the reception are always an element people will discuss. If you are on a budget for your wedding, here are some tips on making your own centerpieces.

14 Creative DIY Wedding Centerpieces for a Backyard Wedding

This great article from Country Living gives the DIY wedding planner some excellent ideas for centerpieces if you are having your reception in a backyard or some other small outdoor space. From small bud vases, flowers in milk glasses, a simple arrangement of flowers in a mason jar, and more, there are a wide variety of ideas to make the perfect centerpieces without breaking the bank. For more budget friendly ideas, check out the full article here.

12 Easy-to-Make Wedding Centerpieces

Better Homes and Gardens provides some of the coolest and most unique DIY centerpiece ideas in this excellent article, like a bowl filled with water that has floating candles and flowers in it. Other great options include putting personalized photos or song lyrics on the vase for the flowers to add a nostalgic touch. Check out more of their awesome ideas in the full article.

Simple Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Flowers have always been a consistent and reliable staple when it comes to putting together wedding centerpieces, and this article from focuses on this feature. From a wooden box filled with flowers and other vegetation for a natural look, to a series of small vases with flowers, you can check out the full list of outstanding options in the article here.

10 Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself.

In this great article from the lifestyle section in How Stuff Works, the writers provide you with a great list of easy DIY centerpieces to give your wedding a great look, such as using sliced up fruit lining a vase of flowers. Other options include fun themed ideas to set your setup apart. Check out the rest of the ideas in the full article here.

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