Rustic weddings are all the range this wedding season and there are several different ways you can create this awesome theme for your wedding.

From centerpieces, aisle decorations, and light fixtures, rustic can be brought out in many ways. Even the cake. Here are our favorite rustic wedding cake toppers to complete the look at your wedding.

Personalized Monogram Cake Topper

This beautiful monogram cake topper from Turkey stands at a height of 5.5 inches and is made from natural wood. With a beautiful “MR & MRS” surrounding a tree with the ampersand in the trunk of the tree, this is the perfect addition to your wedding setup to complete your rustic wedding theme.

XO Tree Slice Cake Topper

For the rustic wedding theme, it seems like tree slices have been one of the most popular additions to the decor on the big day. If you have trivets as centerpieces or other design elements at your wedding, complete the look with mini slices as your cake topper.

Perfectly cut from smaller logs, this cake topper comes with three separate small trivets perched on a wooden stick. With one trivet reading “MR,” the second reading “&,” and the third reading “MRS,” this is the ideal cake topper for an outdoor rustic wedding.

Rustic Wedding Cake Topper Love Birds

For an outdoor wedding or the bride and groom looking for a nature inspired theme, these Love Bird cake toppers are perfect to complete the rustic look of your cake at the reception. These 4″ wide x 1.5″ tall wooden birds sit on top of a 6″ stick to add a beautiful piece of art to your cake.

This cake topper comes with two separate with one reading “We” and the other reading “Do.” A nice play on traditional wedding vows, these bird cake toppers are ideal for any rustic or outdoor reception.

Vintage Wedding Cake Topper

The ideal symbol of vintage elegance, this beautiful cake topper reads “MR & MRS” in a beautiful burlap and lace string of fabric. Held together by two small bamboo sticks and finished with crystal brooches, this cake topper looks fantastic in a barn or outside.

This cake topper altogether measures one foot across on top of two 8″ tall bamboo skewers. The suspended letters of the cake add a beautiful and unique touch to really complete your reception theme.

Heart With Banner Wedding Cake Topper

If natural is what you are going for, look not further than this wonderful heart shaped cake topper. Fashioned from wire, natural dried grapevine, and wood dowel, this outstanding cake topper stands 5″ tall and 5.5″ wide.

Draped across the center of this cake topper along a piece of jute cord are four triangular shaped pieces of natural cotton fabric spelling out the words “WE DO.” For the bride and groom looking for a unique piece for their wedding cake, look no further than this topper.

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