When the wedding is over and you’re trying to figure out
what to do with your wedding dress, it can be a hard decision. This dress is
probably the most expensive pieces of clothing you will ever have, and yet it’s
only meant to be worn once. So what happens when you’re done with the day? We
know this can be a perplexing question so we went to the net to get some ideas
and we found our top three creative options for what you can do.

#1: Donate it

There are many groups that use donated wedding dresses to
raise money for their cause. In this article posted on
bridesagainstbreastcancer.org, we find out that this group sells donated
wedding dresses to raise money for breast cancer. With donations from
individuals, bridal shops and designers, they’ve been able to raise money to
assist them in providing breast cancer awareness, wellness education and
services that help people who have been affected by cancer. It’s a very worthy
cause, and if you look there are probably other sites that accept wedding dress
donations as well. For example, brides that want to look beautiful on their
wedding day, but don’t have the money to go and buy an expensive wedding dress
can use these sites to get a gorgeous designer dress for a fraction of the cost
and feel like the belle of the ball of their wedding day. Your donation will
help another less fortunate bride enjoy her special day as much as you were
able to enjoy yours. Check out all the information and find out how you can
donate your dress by 
reading the full article here.

#2: Preserve it

Preserving your gown is an option many brides take because
they want to pass their dress on to a family member in later years. In this article
posted on Theknot.com, you’ll get all the details you need to know in order to
make sure your preservationist follows the correct procedures. You’ll learn
what to ask about and get information on pricing and options. In addition, the
article gives you some insight on how you can preserve it yourself until you
have enough money to have it professionally done. Whether you’re looking to
preserve it for generations, or you know you will be loaning it out soon, you
still want to make sure it’s properly cleaned and preserved so it’s ready for
the next blushing bride to wear. Get all the great information by 
reading the full article here.

#3: Trash it

While we’re certain you love your beautiful wedding dress,
according to this article by Krystal D’Souza for slice.ca, you may choose to
trash your lovely gown in order to create some lasting photographic memories.
The article gives you some awesome ideas and amazing photographs of ways some
brides ended up trashing their gorgeous wedding dresses but ended up creating
some super fun photographs that will last a lifetime and bring them great
memories every time they look at them. From a bit of wild wine tasting to some
paintball antics, you won’t believe what some brides did in their wedding
dresses to make sure they got the best shots. Check them all out when you 
read the full article here

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