If you’re going for a classic, timeless, and traditional look, you can’t do much better than gold for awedding ring band. You will typically have to purchase gold alloyed with other metals like copper, nickel, and zinc, because it is too soft in its purest form for wedding rings. A 24-karat gold ring, for instance, would be too soft to use in jewelry. The ratio of the gold to the alloy is what will determine the carat weight of the gold, or its purity.

18K gold has 75% gold and 25% alloy metal. Fine jewelry pros think this is the right mix of purity and strength. There is a much deeper, darker shade of yellow than used in 14K gold.

Yellow gold is a good option for those people that have warmer skin tones.White gold offers a smooth, contemporary look. Let’s take a look at the pros of gold wedding rings.Gold is equally suitable for men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding rings,Gold is soft and malleable, so you often find it in a variety of wedding ring styles like custom-made designs, intricate patterns, and inlays that other rings just do not have.Gold is ideal for long-term use and every day wear.

Gold has a value that tends to stay stable over time. Plus, it will go up in times of economic distress. Gold can be seen as an investment.Gold will last a lifetime.Repairing gold jewelry can be considerably easier and cheaper than the repairs that are done on platinum.Gold is a lot less expensive than platinum. Let’s take a look at the cons of gold wedding rings.

When gold is used in wedding bands, it will be used as a mixed metal. It will have nickel as part of the alloy of the ring. Beware of allergies with a metal of this nature.

Rhodium will also sometimes be included in the gold wedding band to give it a shine. The Rhodium will probably have to be redone every couple of years.

It might not be as durable. It is higher maintenance than other metals, for instance, Tungsten Carbide, but it is a classic, timeless, traditional look that will definitely be something you can take special pride in.

Neither 18K gold nor 14K gold is as durable as platinum, and you should figure in the strength of the wedding band before you decide to go with it. Even though gold can form an alloy with other metals, you might want a metal that is stronger on its own.

Gold can cause violent allergic reactions in some people because of all the metals that are mixed into them to make the alloys. Gold wedding rings also have a big environmental cost.

This extensive list of the pros and cons of gold rings should help make your decision equably.

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