There are several key advantages to getting married in the winter rather than the spring or summer months. For starters, you can expect to save a decent amount of cash on a winter wedding. Venues, service providers, the honeymoon, and even dresses cost less during this time of year simply because it’s considered the “off season.” However, the cold temperatures and unforgiving weather creates a challenge for many couples. If you are thinking of planning a winter wedding, keep reading for some important tips to follow. 

Don’t: Forget Heat

One of the most important elements of a winter wedding is heat. Whether your ceremony is indoors or outdoors under a covered canopy, you’ll need some form of heat to keep guests warm and comfortable. Patio heaters and outdoor space heaters can work wonders in this situation, so talk with the venue owner/manager to see what they offer.

Of course, you’ll need to bring your own heaters if the venue doesn’t offer it. Talk with the venue owner/manager to find out what heating options they offer. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than forcing all of your guests to freeze during the ceremony.

Don’t: Choose Springtime Dresses

Unfortunately, many brides choose thin and light springtime dresses for their winter wedding. While dresses such as these may look gorgeous when you’re trying them on in the store, they can be incredibly uncomfortable to wear during the cold winter months. Winter temperatures vary greatly depending on the region and time of year, but brides should choose heavier dresses that are made with thicker material to help stay warm.

Do: Embrace the Winter Weather

Soon-to-be newlyweds should embrace the winter weather rather than avoiding it. So, how exactly do you embrace the freezing cold temperatures? If it’s snowing outside, for instance, then perhaps you and your spouse could go outside to get some professional photos taken. The blanket of soft white snow creates the perfect backdrop for beautiful photos.

Do: Have a Covered Area

You can’t expect to throw a successful winter wedding unless you have a covered area set up for the reception. If there’s no covered structure at the venue, see if you can toss up some large canopies for the reception. With a little bit of work, you can turn a large outdoor area into a beautiful covered space for the reception.