Everyone wants to look extra special on their wedding day and brides can pull out all the stops to look their very best. One of the best ways you can really make yourself glow on your big day is through the use of makeup. There is a fine line between overdoing it and not doing enough however, and finding that happy medium is the key to having the most beautiful makeup possible. Unfortunately, getting your makeup done for your wedding can cost you a pretty penny and really put a big dent into your budget. If you are wanting to have breathtaking makeup without it costing you an arm and a leg, here are some helpful tips and tricks to having the best look imaginable.

One of the biggest keys to having a successful makeup day on your wedding is to properly prepare for the day well in advance. Getting your skin in the best condition possible will only help to make the makeup look the best it possibly can. If you are getting married in a warmer climate, clearing your skin up and using plenty of moisturizer is a great way to condition your skin for the day. Keeping some oil removing sheets is also a great thing to have on hand as they won’t affect your makeup.

For the big day and especially photos, it is key that you put on a little more makeup than you normally would. While it may look a little overdone in the mirror, the results in photos will look outstanding as the camera and lighting will tone down the effect of the makeup a little bit and balance it out. This is a fine line however, as you should still make sure that you look like yourself. If you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror, maybe take a little off and change things up a bit.

While it may seem obvious to some, you should never apply foundation with your fingers, especially for the makeup on your wedding day. Using a brush or a sponge will give you a much smoother and cleaner look, and will also cut down on the amount of dirt and particles transferred from your fingers to your face. Primers are a great thing to use before putting on your makeup as they can provide a great looking balanced affect and leave everything looking smooth and proportioned correctly.

You deserve to look your best on your wedding day, and if you follow some of these helpful tips and tricks for your makeup, you will do just that.