Planning a celebration that is fit for royalty is very befitting for the day of your nuptials. Spare no elite taste in designing your cake, your attire or your venue decor. Glam is in the details and there are plenty of details to consider. You are the star so let’s start with the dress of the queen to be – adorn her bodice with bling in a choice design capacity. Diamonds and rhinestones are excellent in an accessory role to the bride’s’ appearance; therefore feel free to spare a few of the stones for the headdress as well, it will accentuate the bodice beautifully and the witnesses will take notice.

I once attended a wedding where the planners gifted each guest (over 21-years of age) at the door with a small party bag. The contents therein were a small scroll encompassed by a faux adjustable diamond ring. The scroll was a printed thank you letter to the guests for bearing witness to their vow exchange and instructed us to put the ring on our left pinky or index finger. There was also a small white-netted bag of white proso millet bird seeds and we were instructed to release the contents at the passing of the couple upon their exit from the church. At the very bottom of our gift bags we found promotional and marketing items that made us smile including a calligraphy printed coupon card for the following reception cash bar and several gift cards that could be redeemed at a few of the couple’s favorite upscale dining places. We were impressed. Needless to say we had a ball at their reception and well beyond, all compliments of the royal couple.

A glamorous wedding is an unforgettable and beloved event. Guest invites usually end up feeling just as lucky as the bride and groom once the champagne tower is revealed in the reception hall along side of the dining tables draped with pearls. Yes pearls. There are few other ways to upgrade the view of tradition than with pearls. Consider draping them in a purposeful fashion atop of the chandelier, strew them about the tablecloth linen or methodically string them around the dining ware and table accessories.

Gold accents are always held in high regard, so choose to add some to your decorum via the bride and/or groom cake. Ask the baker to get creative and add a gold leaf or two to the borders of the cake. If he or she is a skilled artist ask if a fleur de lis or family crest could be added to the fondue. Doing so creates quite the glam visual and will open up the opportunity to add gold-foiled balls of chocolate covered mints (or whichever your favorite candy is) in glass vases atop of various tables for guests to partake of after dinner or as necessary. After all, guests will need the extra energy once the band begins to play and dance moves are called out for execution on the dance floor. Your glamorous big day will no doubt set a royal resonating tone to be reckoned with and guests will not ever forget. 

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