It is a little known fact that men enjoy receiving romantic gifts from their loved ones as much as they enjoy giving them. There are many romantic gifts that can be given to a man, but few will stand the test of time as well as the gift of a ring. A ring given to a man on the anniversary of some occasion or upon reaching a milestone can stay with him to remind him of the moment throughout his entire life. Even the gifting of a ring to say “I love you” can give those words an even more special meaning and can keep the memory fresh in his mind forever.

Mens rings are not just limited to wedding bands, engagement rings, and sports rings. There are a myriad of ring designs for nearly every romantic occasion. Here are three of the basic kinds of mens rings that scream romance, in case you are looking for that special gift to give your man on Valentine’s Day or even on his birthday.

Sweetheart rings are a great choice to give to a man at any time, and for any occasion. They are a frequent choice for Valentine’s Day because you can have them inscribed with a sentimental word or expression. Expressions such as “Always and Forever,” “Undying Love,” and “Faithfully,” are very common.

These rings also make for great promise rings, or pre-engagement rings. They are normally made of budget-minded materials, such as stainless steel or titanium, so they don’t cost a fortune. The colors and styles of the rings can vary to quite a degree, so it is best to shop around to find the perfect ring for your man.

If luxury better represents who your man is, the eternity ring would be perfect for him. They represent the timelessness and unbreakable bonds of a union between a man and his partner. They can be quite decorative, often having rows of gemstones embedded in them. They are very popular choices for wedding bands and anniversary bands. Many today feature black diamonds, rather than the traditional white diamonds, set in the bands due to the masculine appeal it elicits. Another popular option in these rings today is some have two rows of diamonds set along the edges of the ring instead of the traditional single row that are common in mens rings. For the more budget minded, eternity rings can also be set with more affordable materials such as silver or cubic zirconia.

The last kind is a celtic kind of ring that many of us are familiar with, but may not be familiar with the name for it, a claddagh ring. It is the unique and beloved design of two hands clasping into the shape of a heart. The ring is full of symbolism. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. These make great friendship and promise rings. When presenting such a ring to your loved one, explain the symbolism that the ring represents in terms of your feelings for the other person to add additional romantic sentiment to the gift.

There is a ring design to please every man. Give him the gift of a ring the next time you want to say “I love you!”

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