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All Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

Our website offers a carefully chosen large collection of perfectly designed Tungsten Wedding Bands. All of the wedding bands are manufactured in the United States and at more than 100 styles, they’ve got the biggest assortment of tungsten rings out there. A tungsten wedding band is made of jewelry class tungsten carbide with nickel binder and ours are completely cobalt free. Each and every wedding band has a manufacturer’s zero cost lifetime warranty. It protects your wedding band against, unintended damage, manufacturing flaws and resizing.

When you purchase a tungsten wedding band, you get to choose from a variety of tungsten rings: wood inlaid, opal inlays, brushed designs, camo rings, gold inlaid, diamond faceted, and more! Price points vary, from under $50 to over $650. There’s a tungsten wedding band here for every man out there!

Your tungsten wedding band is more likely to last years than any other ring would. We also offer free shipping and free returns, guaranteed.

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