During the arduous journey of planning a memorable wedding, couples often focus on a theme, whether in the form of particular colors, designs, or a theme based around the location or décor concept they have in mind. By addressing this process early in your planning endeavors, you can organize your thoughts and condense your options for ease in making difficult decisions. Below, you’ll find some top wedding theme ideas to consider.

Country Themed Wedding Ideas

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Burlap, lace, and Mason jars have hit the scene with gusto as country themed wedding ideas gain popularity. Many couples find country themed weddings to be simple and charming and a nod to simpler times when the day was truly about the bride and groom. If you decide to go this route, make sure to be consistent with the country theme throughout your décor, flowers, menu, and drink choices. Skip the cosmopolitans and think more about unique a unique twist on an Arnold Palmers (a mix of iced tea and lemonade). You can fill your wedding bouquets and centerpieces with wildflowers and baby’s breath and tie them off with a raffia bow. Depending on the length of your bridesmaid’s dresses, or even your own, cowboy boots are also a nice touch. If an upscale hoe-down isn’t your speed, perhaps you have always dreamed of a waterfront wedding.

Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

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Beach theme wedding ideas are generally suitable for more easy-going couples, who enjoy the wind in their hair and sand in their toes. A simple chiffon gown will suit nicely for a beach themed wedding and can be found in the destination wedding section of most bridal stores. Sand and shells are a nice touch, as are beach themed cocktails like Bahama Mamas or Malibu Bay Breezes, both of which are made with rum and will transport you and your guests with their island flavor. Favors can include flip-flops in various sizes or even a nod to the sand with a small glass spice jar filled with Pink Himalayan Salt and labeled with the story of the link between sand and hospitality. If you know someone who is artistically inclined, request that they stamp your new initial at your ceremony site in sand custom-colored to your tastes or to fit within your color scheme.

Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas

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You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the romantic feel of vintage theme wedding ideas. Lace, pearls, candles, and antique items adorning your tables will add to the classic feel on the day of your nuptials. If you have deep family roots, vintage wedding theme ideas include exhibiting those heirlooms and your creativity in one fell swoop. Antique candy dishes filled with nuts on your bar, or an antique typewriter near your guest book will not only make for show-stopping photo opportunities, but will serve as conversation pieces for your guests. Your dress should fit the theme as well. Bodice-fitting lace or a simple A-line with classic embellishments in a lovely ivory will add to the romanticism and femininity of your big day. Lighter colors in peaches, cream, pinks, and greens are most suitable for vintage themed weddings.

Disney Themed Wedding Ideas

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Perhaps perfect pastels and chandeliers are not your speed. Some couples prefer a more whimsical approach to their big day, and it’s no small wonder that as young girls, many women dream of their fairytale wedding complete with a horse drawn carriage. Your invitations are a good place to kick-off expectations for the big day, and the possibilities for bridal party attire are virtually endless as you forego traditional dresses in exchange for colorful costumes. Subtle details for Disney themed wedding ideas that bring big impact are stamps on the bottom of the bridal party’s shoes. These make for good photojournalism and offer a surprise to unsuspecting guests at various times throughout the day. Incorporate classic Disney theme songs to bring out the inner youth of your guests and encourage dancing. Ensure that you get your photographer in on the plan, as the Disney themed ideas are sure to generate some picture perfect smiles.

Pitfalls of Themed Weddings

As with any good idea, it can be tempting to get carried away with a theme. You can thank the worldwide web for the abundance ideas and the ease with which you can purchase endless options to suit your theme. Resist the urge to purchase every product designed for your theme and instead pepper little nuances throughout your day for subtlety and charm.

Whatever your wedding theme ideas, embrace your concept and have fun with the planning process, making sure to find ways to engage your guests. It is, after all, not just a day to celebrate your love, but a day to thank those who have supported you as a couple and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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