When it comes to wedding bands, there’s a plethora of different choices you can choose from, whether it be a simple solid metal, or a mixture of metals and jewels — it’s sometimes a hard decision to make. However, we’ve come to the conclusion of what we believe is simply the best of all male wedding bands, and that’s the platinum wedding band or a platinum inlaid tungsten wedding band.

Men can get very confused when choosing exactly metal and type of wedding band will suit them the best, and present them as an image they wish to convey. Platinum wedding bands, however, fit the bill for most men out there, whatever their age and circumstances.

Many people overlook platinum, as it’s an unknown metal for many. Many men opt to go for a yellow gold or silver wedding band, as they’re extremely known metals. It’s quite a shame that this happens, because platinum is definitely many degrees above any type of gold or silver in any form.

Platinum is a precious metal which is a very resistive to scratching, stains and markings from all types of occasions in outdoor areas and so on. Its color is on par with silver and steel, except it has more of a shiny edge to it when in the light. There is also a slightly visible dark undertone for added depth.

Platinum is more valuable than gold or any other precious metal on the market right now. More often than not, platinum wedding bands will cost more than gold or silver, but it’s all worth it in the long term. As mentioned above, platinum is very scratch resistant, unlike gold. It will look precious and beautiful for decades after being worn, even on a day-to-day basis.

Looking past the original high price of a platinum wedding band, it’s cheaper than a gold wedding band. Platinum requires much less service later on due to scratches and impurities. Platinum also suits many different styles — its silver glow will fit in with about any type of outfit from formal to casual. However, gold wedding bands are often seen as ostentatious and look out of place in certain occasions.

With that being said, there really is no reason as to why someone wouldn’t want to get a platinum wedding band. Looking stylish and tasteful without being ostentatious are a few of the many positive effects that are gained through wearing a platinum wedding band.

Getting your hands on one of these amazing platinum wedding bands actually isn’t as hard as it sounds. even though it’s a fairly uncommon metal for wedding bands, many different jewelry shops have them in stock. They can also be easily found throughout the internet from authorized dealers who provide documentation of purity. In fact, in some cases they may be even cheaper than gold wedding bands, as their demand isn’t nearly as high as gold or silver.

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