For the brides and grooms planning a winter wedding, this time of year can be a great time to plan, but also one that can bring more stress and anxiety.

From weather, venues, vendor limitations and more, a winter wedding can sometimes be more difficult to plan than one that falls during the traditional wedding season.

If you plan it correctly, however, your winter wedding can be as beautiful as you would have dreamed and be far more cost effective as well.

Picking a Venue

No matter what time of year you plan a wedding for, selecting the venue is arguably one of the toughest parts.

When going for a winter wedding, there are a lot of different things to take into account when picking out your perfect spot.

Consider how easy or difficult it is to successfully access your venue. Is it a luxurious cabin in the woods or a large estate in the countryside?

These spots may create a breathtaking view and scenery, but don’t be surprised if you get more than a few no’s to your ceremony as many guests may be weary to travel on the icy roads to a remote location.


For the most part, you will find that many typical vendors will lower their prices in the winter as this isn’t the typical busy wedding season for them.

On the other hand, other vendors such as florists can raise their prices due to it not being that time of the year where they can harvest their fresh flowers in bloom.

Be sure to communicate with your vendors on a regular basis in case an emergency occurs due to bad weather that requires a rescheduling.

Have a Backup Plan

As much as you may try, you can’t control the weather and there is always a chance that snow and bad weather might force you to reschedule or relocate on the day of your wedding.

Having a quality backup plan for your wedding is the best way to combat this potential problem so you can still get on with your big day.

In case you have your heart set on the venue and bad weather cancels those plans, talk with the venue beforehand to see if there are any alternative dates available for you to use.

If you can’t use your venue due to bad weather but are set on getting married that day, having a backup venue somewhere else is essential. Either a church or someone’s larger home are both perfect for those with smaller guest numbers.

Have Winter Themed Favors

For your guest that brave the cold, a rewarding favor is a perfect way to show your gratitude.

You can’t go wrong with hot chocolate mixes or hot cider. A warm fleece blanket is another great way to stay in the winter spirit and keep them warm.

Follow these tips and you are sure to have a great winter wedding.

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