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Putting together your wedding party is one of the funnest aspects of planning a wedding as you get together some of your best friends and siblings together to celebrate the most important day in your life.

In certain scenarios, you may be stuck with the uncommon case of having more bridesmaids than groomsmen or vice versa.

If this is you while planning your wedding, never fear, as this setup can actually work just fine for your wedding party as even numbers aren’t essential to great pictures or having fun on your big day.

What About Walking Down the Aisle?

At nearly every wedding you’ve probably ever attended, you have seen the classic one groomsman and one bridesmaid walk down the aisle together and split off once they get to the front.

If you have an odd number of people in your wedding party though, you can still make this step work no problem.

With twice as many bridesmaids as groomsmen, the guy gets to walk two girls down the aisle at once, or walk one and loop back around to walk the other one down. What guy is going to complain about this strategy?

If the number is really off, you can even go for a more modern twist and have the entire party walk down the aisle single file and staggered throughout to help blend everyone in and conceal the unevenness.

What About Your Pictures?

Symmetry and balance are typically considered staples of photography, but wedding photos can be staged and worked to look just a good, if not better with an odd number of groomsmen and bridesmaids.

By staggering the bridal party on each side of the bride and groom in the classic group photos, you can better hide the fact that there is a large difference between the two, as well as create a cooler effect with the alternating outfits down the line.

Your photos don’t always have to be about lining up in a perfect line with your bridal party. A candid group photo with the entire party gathered in a circle is a great way to blend the two sides together and show that it’s about enjoying your day with one another and not about the perfectly symmetrical photo.

Too Many Groomsmen

Running into trouble with aisle walking with too many groomsmen? Consider having the guys already standing at the altar next to the groom as each bridesmaid walks down the aisle by themselves.

Too Many Bridesmaids

If you have the scenario of having too many on the bride’s side of the party, consider having a couple of the girls walk down together, with the rest of the party going individually while the best man and maid of honor bring up the rear together.

Whether you have too many bridesmaids or groomsmen, there are always unique and creative ways you can make the day a successful and fun one.

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