Throughout the years, there have been many trends when it comes to wedding bands. However, the idea of the traditional wedding band and what it signifies remains the same. When you speak your vows to one another, you exchange rings as a way to symbolize your everlasting love and dedication.

Today, many military couples who are tying the knot are looking for incredible options in wedding bands for men that are both durable and stylish. If you are planning a military ceremony, you will want to start looking at all of the options available to you.

Before picking out military wedding bands for your husband to be, you will want to look at any guidelines in place for wearing jewelry or rings in his particular field. Quite often, soldiers are allowed to wear a total of two rings with their uniforms unless otherwise specified. A pair of wedding bands or a set would be considered as one ring. Of course, any and all jewelry worn by military will have to be both in good taste and conservative in nature. Additionally, there may be certain restrictions placed on the wearing of wedding bands during certain tasks or deployment that can be specified as the need arises.

With that being said, many military men will often wear their wedding bands until required to remove them. If allowed in a given situation, military wedding bands for men may also be worn on the dog tags if preferred. Either way, you will want to have incredible, strong wedding bands that can be worn when not actively working. This is when a little bit of browsing through your options will give you the best possible idea of some handsome military wedding bands for men.

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While gold is still a popular option for both military and civilian grooms, it can be weaker than a lot of other precious metals that are available today. However, gold does allow for easy removal if the wedding band should need to be cut off in an emergency. 

For stronger military wedding band options for men, you may want to look into tungsten, titanium, or platinum. Of course, these metals will vary greatly in pricing, so it’s best to take cost into consideration to help you narrow down your search. Out of the three listed, tungsten is the cheapest option, followed by titanium. While platinum is known to be one of the priciest options, you will have the peace of mind that the ring is both handsome and extremely durable, so you know it’s built to last.

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As you look around for all of your choices in military wedding bands for men, you may even find that online stores as well as local brick and mortar jewelers will offer discounts to active military. Simply inquire about special pricing to see if you can take advantage of a discount for all of your hard work, service, and dedication to your country. No matter what, it is the symbolism and meaning behind your ring that will make a difference when choosing a military wedding band.