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The wedding is all about the bride. The look and feel of the ceremony, the food, the lighting and decor, the color scheme, the centerpieces and silverware; it is all her decision. However, there is one aspect of the wedding that is still firmly within the groom’s grasps–suit selection. This is your big day too, and you want to pledge your love while looking sophisticated and stylish. So what should men consider when buying or renting a mens wedding suit? 

Decide if You Want to Rent or Own

The most important aspect of getting the mens wedding suit is determining if you can use again. If you work in an industry where you do not wear regularly suits, you casually wear suits, or you do not attend functions where you could re-wear the suit (i.e. galas, balls, luncheons etc.), it is probably best that you rent a suit.

If you decide to purchase a suit, you should consider what you will be using the suit for. If you are using it for work, you should consider a darker shade suit (black, blue, dark gray). However, if you attend several black-tie events or formal events, your best bet would be to get a tuxedo.

After you decide whether you want to rent or own, thoroughly research businesses that provide wedding suits for men.

Decide on the Type of Suit

Is your wedding a formal function or a casual function? Is it somewhere in between? This is important for determining what type of suit to acquire.

If your wedding is on a beach, you should wear a casual suit. It is best to have a light colored suit, light gray or tan, so your suit will not retain too much heat. Additionally, the fabric of the suit should be a linen, linen/wool blend, or at the very least, a 100% cotton. These light fabrics will allow you to breathe while you are out in the warmer weather.

What about a semi-casual wedding? A semi-casual suit is somewhere in between the formal, black-tie tuxedo wedding and a beach wedding. A semi-casual suit is worn in an outdoor wedding (i.e a picturesque barn or grass field) or a casual indoor wedding. Again, a light colored (for the outdoor wedding) or a dark colored (for the indoor wedding) three piece suit would be appropriate. Typically with a vest, tie or bow tie.

The formal wedding is the most common type of wedding. The suit can range from a full tuxedo with a black bow tie, or just a standard dark colored suit. Nonetheless, no matter the formality of the wedding, it is important that the groom and bride’s style match.

It is important to note that tip 1 and tip 2 go hand in hand. If you want to wear the suit to work and you are having a semi-casual wedding, get a black suit or dark grey suit. However, if you are having a formal wedding, but you do not attend a lot of black-tie events, rent a tuxedo. Take time to research the different types of fabric and color options of wedding suits for men.

The Fit is the Most Important Thing

If you want to achieve a suave and debonair look, get your suit tailored. The reality is that suits are not made to fit everyone’s body type; your suit will be one of the first thing people notice on your wedding day. It is best to spend your hard earned money and invest in a good tailor. A good tailor will ensure that your suit fits your body type; he or she will also give you advice on different styles and fabrics creating a personally tailored look. The tailor will adjust the inseams, waistline, sleeves, and hems giving the suit a look and feel of a custom made garment. That way, you are guaranteed to look impeccable on the most important day of your life.

Cannot afford a tailor? Here are some handy tips to ensure your suit is fitted properly.

1. Make sure your shoulder pads end with your shoulders.

2. The top button (of a two button suit) or the middle button (of a three button suit) should not rest below your navel.

3.  With your arms flat to your sides, your knuckles should be even with the bottom of your jacket.

4. Jacket sleeves should fall where the base of your thumb meets your wrist.

5. Watch the break in your pants. The break occurs when the bottom of your pants skims the tops of your shoes, creating a horizontal crease (a “break”) in the fabric. There should be one-inch of break.

Whether your wedding is casual, semi-formal, or formal, the suit can either make or break your big day. Finally, always ask the bride her opinion. It is the only opinion that matters.

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