Engraving your soon-to-be spouse’s wedding band is a simple yet effective way to create more meaning behind it. There’s certainly nothing wrong with traditional bands, but a personalized engraving will allow for a stronger connection. Just the thought of having a meaningful quote or saying within the interior of your wedding band is enough to draw many people to engrave their band. But just what exactly should you have engraved on your spouse’s wedding band? If you can’t seem to find the right words, keep reading for some meaningful wedding band engraving ideas.


The most common type of engravings on wedding bands are names. Perhaps you can engrave your soon-to-be spouse’s band with their name + yours. There’s nothing more personal than a wedding band with both the bride and groom’s name engraved into the interior. It’s a subtle touch that you really can’t go wrong with. Just remember to check with the jeweler beforehand to determine exactly how many characters will fit in the ring. Some longer names may not fit in the limited space of a wedding band.


Another idea is to engrave your spouse’s nickname into their wedding band. This idea as just as meaningful as engraving their full name, but it takes up less space. For instance, if you call your spouse “sweetheart” or “angel,” then you should engrave it into their wedding band. Although other people may not know the nicknames you have for each other, your spouse will certainly realize the correlation and importance of this engraving.


Of course, you could always engrave a meaningful quote into your spouse’s wedding band rather than their name. Think about quotes that really convey your love and dedication to one another. One quote that comes to mind is “Till Death Do Us Part.” This quote is synonymous with weddings and commonly used in vows. Engraving it into your spouse’s ring will create a more personalized piece which they are sure to love.

Another quote idea is “To Love and To Cherish.” These are just a few of the many engraving ideas to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to only using one of the quotes listed here. For more ideas, read through some common wedding vows online and write down quotes that represent the love you have for your spouse. As long as the quote falls within the limited number of characters allowed for the engraving, you can successfully use it.

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