Manufacturer’s Warranty guarantees all of our wedding bands & rings are of the finest quality craftsmanship. Each of the rings are meticulously checked during manufacturing after which inspected again prior to shipment to ensure they are without any imperfections or defects of any sort. In case you aren’t pleased with our items for any reason at all, you can return it to us within the first 40 days to get a full refund. After the 40 day assessment period, each of our rings are protected by a manufacturer’s warranty. Different designers give varied warranties. Make sure you read below with regard to information on each manufacturer’s extended warranty.

Note: These are not our warranties, so in case go out of business at some point, your warranty is still valid through the manufacturer. Some other stores offer only their own warranty which will no longer be good if they go out of business.

Lifetime Guarantee

During the time of buying, your ring is instantly registered with one of the most thorough life time warranty within the industry. In addition to including manufacturing defects of any sort for life, the warranty also includes unintentional damage to the ring. In instance of damage, just return the ring and we will exchange it at no cost for you. Given that tungsten rings are incredibly hard, they can not be resized by using standard procedures. This life time warranty furthermore comes with a lifetime resizing policy, so this means should your ring size at any time changes, we will exchange your ring with a another size totally free of charge.

Note: Tungsten rings are the most scratch proof rings ever made, however they can be scratched by non-metallic materials, for example diamonds, sapphires, and cubic zirconia. This means that scratches may occur and therefore are viewed as normal wear and tear, not a flawed ring. We can polish out scratches for $20. Furthermore, black tungsten rings are layered with a titanium blend to make them black, and may scratch off as time passes. Due to this fact, the warranty does not include the layer on black tungsten rings. They can be re-plated for $20. You might like to look at black ceramic rings as an alternative, which is as scratch proof as tungsten and never looses its color. Additionally, the inlay portion of tungsten rings, such as carbon fiber, gold, and some other metal inlays tend to be less long lasting compared to tungsten, so they can scratch much more easily when compared with tungsten.

  • Engraving will not void the warranty, however when a ring is exchanged the warranty would not cover re-engraving.
  • There is absolutely no waiting period to use the life time replacement or life time sizing coverage.
  • Third party modification to your ring will void the warranty, aside from engravings.
  • Shipping and delivery costs to send out the ring back to us for warranty service is the customer’s obligation.

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