Laser Engraving

You bought your ideal wedding bands and now how do you make them even more unique? So why not have them laser engraved with your own individual text or symbol? Engraving is a wonderful option to customize the wedding bands, so that they are not just wedding bands. Engravings are typically made on the inside of the ring, but they can be done on the outside of the ring too at no extra cost. At, we are excited to provide the most engraving choices to the customers with more fonts and signs than other companies.  We utilize the best and newest hi-tech lasers imported from Germany to offer you an exact and easy to see engraving.

What’s The Cost For Engraving?

The engraving service charge is only $25.00. This comes with up to 30 letters or symbols, which includes spaces. Engravings as much as 30 characters usually are sufficient for many people’s personal messages. We can support engravings exceeding 30 characters with $1.00 per character.  Make sure you contact us if you would like to go over 30 characters.  We also can engrave in almost any font you find in Microsoft Word at no extra expense. If you need a font we don’t have, simply contact us with the name of the font and we will check if we are able to get it done for you.

What Does Laser Engraving Mean?

Just as the name indicates, using a laser is a part of this kind of engraving. Actually, a laser does not really engrave your ring, since engraving requires etching or carving. A laser basically burns your personal message to the surface of the ring. So, the proper label has to be “laser marking”, but a majority of people simply call it laser engraving and this name got common in the industry. Laser engraving can be carried out on any metal too. Various symbols and texts are available. Actually, virtually any graphic or font is possible by using a laser engraver, provided that we can get it into the appropriate file format. If you need something custom laser engraved on to your ring, odds are we can get it done. Please get hold of us with your request and we will give you an estimate.

Will The Engraving Scratch Off?

The permanence of the engraving crafted on the outside of the band would depend on the stability of the metal by itself. On metals that are softer, such as gold, your band will get scratched and the engraving will wear out as time passes, however on hard metals exactly like tungsten, the engraving will not wear out as it is hard to scratch the ring. Engravings on the inside of the ring will not wear out regardless of what metal you decide on, providing you wear the ring on your finger. For the engraving to wear out, that would mean your skin layer is tougher than the metal, which is not a possibility. Engraved rings worn on a necklace may fade away on a gold ring after a while.

Where Would Be Wise My Engraving To Be On My Ring? 

In most cases, customers engrave on the inside of the ring. That would mean this is the part of the ring touching you ring finger when you’re wearing it. This way other people are unable to see your unique message except if you take the ring out. But, some other people want everybody to see their engraving. In such cases, they can decide to get their engraving made on the outside of the ring. Thus, while they are wearing their ring, others are able to see their engraving message. Customers who purchase wider rings & bands made by alternative metals, like cobalt chrome wedding rings or tungsten carbide rings, often favor engraving the outside of their rings because they are broader and the engravings can be bigger, so people can see it effortlessly. There is no wrong or right spot to engrave your ring.  It all boils down to personal choice, and we’re happy to be capable to give you the option you will enjoy best.

Custom Engravings

Other than text, we are able to engrave any symbol, image or graphic you want. Nearly anything which is in an electronic format can be engraved.  We have had customers requesting from us to engrave an image of their spouse and children on to their ring.  We have had young couples ask us to engrave their fingerprints onto their wedding bands. If you want customized engraving, please be sure to contact us for a price. Rates start at just $50 to get one of a kind custom engraving.


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