When you purchase for a fiancé, spouse, or that “special someone,” you’ll probably want to have it engraved with their name (or something else) inside the band. Doing so is a simple way to add a personal touch to the ring. Besides, it may also come in handy if they accidentally lose the ring and someone else finds it.

If this is something you are interested in having done, you’ll need to decide whether you want the ring engraved with a laser or through traditional etching. While both of these methods share some similarities, there are differences between the two that shouldn’t be ignored. Keep reading and we’ll compare the differences between lasser engraving and traditional etched engraving.

In the past, etched engraving was the only method available to personalize a ring or any other piece of jewelry with someone’s name on it. Jewelers have been using this method for hundreds of years and while some of the techniques have changed, the overall method is pretty much the same. Etched engraving involves the use of a strong, thin, needle-like object that’s pressed down with extreme force on the surface of a ring. As the object moves, it cuts through part of the ring, leaving behind an indention.

Some jewelry stores may try to tell you that rings made of certain metals can’t be etched engraved, but this simply isn’t true. Even tough tungsten and gold can be scraped according to the customer’s specifications if a diamond-tipped needle is used to engrave it. As most people already know, diamonds are the strongest material available here on Earth; therefore, they are able to cut through any other metal or material. Of course some jewelry stores may not have diamond-tipped needles, so they will say your ring can’t be engraved.

The thought of having your name or a saying scratched into your ring may turn some people away from etched engraving. After all, no one wants their ring damaged on purpose. When it’s done right, however, a good traditional etching job should result in a clear name that’s easy to see and read.

An alternative to traditional etched engraving is laser engraving. Basically, this is done by using a high-powered laser to concentrate the beam directly onto a specific portion of the ring, such as inside the band. The extreme heat created by the laser burns the lettering into it, which is how the engraving is done. One of the most commonly used types of laser engraving technology is Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (also known as YAG). For this specific technology, a YAG is used to concentrate the laser beam into a very focused beam that’s capable of heating even the most durable metals.

Both laser and etched engraving are useful for adding names, initials or even sayings into rings. The only real difference, however, is that laser engraving burns the ring, while etched engraving makes an indention in the ring. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice as to which one you prefer. Take your time to weight the pros and cons of each method before making your decision.

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