Ever wonder why jewelry stores offer such a limited selection of tungsten rings? If you took the time to visit 10 local jewelry stores in your area, chances are you would find that only a select few of them offer tungsten rings. 

The ones that do offer them will likely have a very limited selection, making it difficult for you to find the perfect ring. This can be a frustrating sight if you are trying to get your hands on a tungsten ring. If you are wondering why so few jewelry stores offer tungsten rings, keep reading and we’ll reveal the hidden truth that many consumers are completely unaware of.

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Tungsten, which literally translates into “heavy stone,” is a material that’s made through the combination of chemical compounds found here on Earth. Ore containing these chemicals are mined for the sole purpose of extracting the compounds necessary to create tungsten. In its original state, tungsten can be cut with a basic hacksaw, making it a fairly weak material. When carbon is added, however, it’s extremely durable and nearly impossible to break.

Ring manufacturers tend to use tungsten carbide as their material of choice to create ultra-durable rings. As previously stated, the additional carbon element offers extra strength and durability to help prevent the ring from damaging. When it’s made correctly, the only materials that are able to even scratch a tungsten ring would be certain crystals and diamonds. You can bang it around all you want, and it won’t develop any signs of damage.

Now that you know a little about tungsten rings, you might be wondering why jewelry stores tend to shy away from them. Well, it’s not because they are frail or made poorly, as tungsten is one of the strongest metals when made properly. The reason why jewelry stores don’t offer a huge selection of tungsten rings is because they would essentially lose money in doing so.

You have to remember that the average price of a tungsten ring is only a fraction of what a 14 or 24 karat gold ring would cost. If a customer came into the jewelry store and purchased a tungsten ring instead of gold, the store would lose some of their revenue.

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In most retail businesses, profits are acquired through margins. A small electronic boutique store is naturally going to make more money selling high-dollar items like a big screen television than they would low-dollar items, like mouses or keyboards. This is because the profit margins are greater on high-dollar items, which is the same principle used in jewelry stores. Owners of jewelry stores don’t want to sell tungsten rings because they cost so much less than rings made out of expensive materials.

Just because tungsten rings are inexpensive doesn’t mean they are cheap. On the contrary, they are stylish, strong, durable, built to last, and definitely taking the market by storm. Some manufacturers even include a lifetime warranty with their tungsten rings. Since they hardly ever scratch or damage, though, it’s doubtful you will ever have to take advantage of such a warranty.

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