If the traditional church or park wedding isn’t for you, perhaps a destination wedding is at the top of your list of venues.

For the world traveler, going to one of the places you have always wanted to visit is a great excuse to have a destination wedding.

Having this kind of celebration is much more than just hopping on a plane and going to the beach. A lot of planning goes into making a wedding come together, so we have a few tips and tricks to follow for the best faraway ceremony possible.

Think Realistically

While you may have pinned a million photos of exotic places to your wedding boards on Pinterest, do you actually know what it really takes to get to that spot?

Do you have to take three planes, an hour long drive in the car, plus a ferry to an island to get to that special beach? This might cause some problems for both you and your guests to get to, not to mention costing an arm and a leg.

Before you decide on a specific destination, be sure to speak with a travel agent and find out exactly what it takes to get to the place you are looking at.

If it is going to a be a little too much, there are usually plenty of luxurious alternatives that can create the same setting and feel.

Handling Accommodations

Arguably the most important element of a destination wedding is booking the accommodations for you and your guests.

If you do have a good number of guests attending your wedding, consider reserving a section of the hotel together so you can keep all friends and family close by.

While it is not typically customary for you to front the bill for your guests sleeping arrangements, you are more than welcome to if you feel the obligation.

If the trip is a little expensive for some that you feel should be there, you can always help out with a percentage or find a cheaper alternative nearby.


One of the most important parts of planning a destination wedding is the overall timing. Getting your invitations out as quickly as possible is essential to making sure you can give your venue a final number quickly, as well as giving your guests enough time to decide if they can make it so they can book their respective flights and hotel accommodations.

While many weddings typically call for an RSVP roughly 2-3 weeks before the wedding, consider having this one a solid month beforehand, maybe even as far as six weeks so you can get everything handled without any snags. Save The Dates can be sent out as far as a year ahead of time.

Planning a destination wedding doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you follow some of these simple tips and tricks.

Have you done a destination wedding? What was it like? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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