Does your wedding band gradually turn or shift throughout the day? Small movements such as this is perfectly fine if it’s a solid metal band with no gemstones. However, rings with “focal” gemstones are meant to stay in a certain position on the finger. If they happen to move, it will take away from the ring’s natural beauty. Thankfully, there are certain precautions owners can take to prevent their wedding bands from turning.

Even if you purchase a ring that’s sized to fit, there’s a chance of your fingers changing size in the years to come. Some people’s fingers may grow, while others shrink. There’s no way to predict how your body will grow, but there are steps you can take to ensure your ring properly fits.

Start by choosing a wedding band in the appropriate size. Even if you expect to lose weight in the future, you should still choose a ring that’s sized to fit your current finger. You can visit a local jeweler in your area to determine this information if you aren’t sure of your finger size.

Option #1

Having a ring sized by a professional jeweler is one option to prevent it from turning. The basic idea is to either add or remove material (sizing up or down) so the ring fits better. It’s important to note, however, that certain materials are not suitable for sizing.

In this case, a skilled jeweler can typically add small beads of metal around the interior to size the ring down. If your ring is turning or shifting on your finger throughout the day, this is a sign that it’s too large and needs to be sized down. A professional jeweler can use a soldering iron to add small beads of metal around the interior of the band to essentially size it down. Once the wedding band is placed back on your finger, the added metal beads are hidden and your ring should no longer shift.

Option #2

Another option is to use a guard inside your ring. These are small pieces of either metal or plastic placed inside the ring to create a tighter, more secure fit. An appropriately sized ring guard should prevent your ring from shifting or turning throughout the day. The only downside to this method is that the guard may shift as well. Unlike the first method we covered, guards are removable and can be taken on or off.

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