The wedding dress is by far the most significant article of clothing you will ever wear in your life.

While you will only wear it once in your life, many brides may want to preserve this dress forever as a constant reminder of one of the most important days of your life.

If you keep your dress though and don’t take proper care of it, you may as well just throw it away in the first place. For the bride wanting to keep her dress, there are several tips and tricks to making it last a lifetime.

The Preservation Process

The preservation of a wedding dress isn’t necessarily an easy task, as it usually takes the training of a highly skilled professional. There are typically two different methods that go into the cleaning and preserving of a dress: wet cleaning and dry cleaning.

If you do want to take your gown in for a preservation cleaning, it is best to do it as soon as possible after the wedding before any stains or spots have a chance to set in and can’t be removed.

The majority of cleaners will go with the traditional dry cleaning method which involves the gown specialist treating any stains or spots found on the dress before putting it into the standard dry cleaning machine.

Alternative methods from dry cleaning include a wet cleaning approach. This process involves the specialist hand cleaning any stains or spots they can see. The downside to this method is that any missed spots will turn yellow and permanently stain on the dress over time. For this reason, the more common preservation practice is through dry cleaning.


As important as the initial cleaning is to a dress, properly storing the dress is just as crucial to the longevity of your gown. Selecting a proper packaging that is clean and acid free is a huge key to protection.

The gown specialist will typically store a gown in either paper or muslin before placing it in a pH neutral box. This will keep the gown in outstanding condition no matter what kind of temperature you have it stored in.

As far as storage at your own home is concerned, this choice is really up to the bride’s own personal choice if they would like the pH box sealed or not. If you do seal it and open the box eventually to get a better look at your gown, you should handle it will some sort of glove to prevent oils from your skin getting onto the dress and setting in over time.

What Will it Cost You?

In order to receive a quality cleaning on your gown, you should expect to pay anywhere from $150-$500, with some places charging up to $750. Make sure to do your research to ensure you can the best quality possible that is still under your budget.

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