Being a bride is one of the most exciting times in your life. You might be thinking about how you are the bride-to-be preparing to tie the knot with your sweetheart, for the world to see (i.e., those that are closest to you) — but whatever will you wear? You’ve thought about this day often since you were a little girl, and while you may be still partially mesmerized by the gown that Cinderella wore to the ball, it may be time to consider others. I mean, think about it — a dress style of that magnitude has spoken volumes about matrimony couture for decades; in fact, Princess Diana (of Wales) wore something similar when she exchanged her wedding vows to Prince Charles in 1981, but is that the dress for you and your body style? Saying yes to the dress is to say yes to you, your body, your style and your legacy. This is one of the most important decisions of your life; it deserves the eye of “red carpet scrutiny.” You are the princess and the dress must be all about you. 

Whether you’re going for a themed wedding or a traditional style ceremony, your dress will undoubtedly be a huge statement piece and it should fit as if it were made for you and only you. Others are welcomed to stare, gawk and even be amazed, however duplication of your style for anyone else, should appear unfathomable. In order to achieve the look of perfection as it pertains to bridal dress ownership, the following steps would need to apply at the foundation of consideration:

  1. The bottom-line versus the hemline. How much of your wedding budget will be allocated to the wedding gown? If your budget is less lenient, consider a retail dress and hiring a tailor to alter it to your specifics.
  2. Your body style. Are you tall or petite? Your body shape will most likely reflect one of the 8 body types that seamstresses point to when tailoring a dress: straight (lean athletic), pear, spoon, hourglass, top hourglass, inverted triangle, oval or diamond.
  3. Research fabrics and designs. There are thousands of fabrics that do different things. Some fabrics are slimming while others add more body. Some fabrics are soft and comfy while others can be cumbersome and itchy.
  4. Be thorough in your selection and don’t ever shop alone. Good advice and wisdom from family, friends and bridesmaid(s)will be helpful and most likely priceless.
  5. When finalizing your selection, whether at one or more stores, you’ll need to make a weekday appointment to try on and get acquainted wit h the choices you’ve selected. Schedule your appointment for the time of day that has the least patron traffic.
  6. Walk around in the gown, sit down in it, and stand in it. You want to make sure you absolutely comfortable in the gown you are going to marry in.
  7. If you have opted to purchase a retail dress, be sure to bring your seamstress along with you before you finalize on the dress you want and/or purchase it.
  8. Utilizing a checks and balances sheet will help you cover your backside, as well as your front side when it comes to choosing the wedding dress that’s right for you.

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