One of the most important things to have on your wedding day are beautiful flowers

From the bridal bouquet, the bouquets for the bridesmaids, the decorative centerpiece flowers and more, there are a lot of different requirements to fill when picking these out.

From finding the perfect florist, selecting the right size of your flowers, and mistakes to make sure you avoid, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you get the perfect flowers to celebrate your big day.

When to Book Your Florist

One of the biggest mistakes that many brides make when planning their wedding is picking out their florist last or at least toward the end of the planning process.

This can cause a myriad of issues including budget problems to not being able to get your flowers or the exact ones that you have your heart set on.

When you are selecting all your other vendors early on such as the venue, catering, music and more, put the florist on that list so you can better budget for yourself and make sure you get what you want.

Be Versatile

When picking out their flowers, many brides typically focus on their main color for their wedding and think this is the only flower color they should use.

Any florist will tell you though that there are many other accent options that aren’t in your wedding color scheme that can blend beautifully in your overall look and really add some beauty and excitement to your photos.

Trust and Communicate With Your Florist

While you may think you know everything and want to control each aspect of your wedding day, trusting your vendors to do their job correctly is one of the best things you can do to help relieve a lot of stress leading up to your big day.

Trusting your florist to know they will get your exactly what you want will help you enjoy your wedding that much more.

You should also be sure to communicate consistently, clearly, and in a timely manner with your florist.

They may be professionals, but if you want a change or specific look, your florist won’t be able to make it happen if you don’t let them know.

Taking Care of Your Flowers

You most likely won’t receive your bouquets and other floral arrangements until the day of your wedding, but making sure you adequately take care of them the day of is very important.

From giving them plenty of water to utilizing proper amounts of flower food, you will have to be sure you tend to them for a few days.

Talk to your florist on what the best care practices are for each flower so you can be sure you are giving each one the proper care.

Follow a few of these tips and you are sure to love the flowers you get to celebrate this special occasion.

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