Whether you are looking at wedding bands or just a stylish ring to compliment your look, pass on the platinum and gold. Tungsten carbide rings are trending right now. They are strong, durable, and scratch-proof, which appeals to men. 

Tungsten rings come in many different finishes and they look masculine. Tungsten rings have a weighty feel to them, making them look sophisticated and feel expensive, even though they are very wallet-friendly. Tungsten rings are so popular right now that there are many styles to choose from. If you are looking to buy a tungsten ring, you can’t go wrong with one of the following trends in men’s tungsten rings.

The hottest tungsten rings right now are the black tungsten rings. More and more men are seen sporting a black tungsten ring. The black tungsten rings resemble black titanium, but has a more glossy finish with a polished shine that makes them gleam. Wearing a black tungsten ring looks striking and will definitely make people notice. Choose from a simple black tungsten band or a two-toned black and white tungsten ring. 

However, for the latest trend in men’s tungsten rings, get a black tungsten ring with a carbon fiber inlay for a contemporary and modern look. No matter which black tungsten ring you choose, it will look stylish and compliment anything you wear. It’s a must-have accessory.

A new trend of men’s tungsten rings are white tungsten rings. It is made from the same durable tungsten carbide metal, but looks like white gold or platinum. Some men love the durability and strength of tungsten rings, but wanted the look of a traditional wedding band ring, so the white tungsten ring was born. White tungsten rings are great for men who want a ring that looks like a traditional wedding ring without the traditional price. A white tungsten ring with a brushed center and a small diamond, especially a black diamond in the center, looks classic, sophisticated, and contemporary.

Inlaid tungsten rings are also very popular. We touched on it earlier with the black tungsten rings, but there are many options for an inlaid tungsten ring. Besides the ceramic inlay that are so popular, and the aforementioned carbon fiber inlay tungsten rings, there are diamond, silver, and gold. However, if you want something that truly stands out, opt for an abalone, mother of pearl, or wood inlay. They look exotic and unique, with just the right touch of those materials so that the ring is still very masculine.

Another great trend for men’s tungsten rings are laser-engraved tungsten rings. Because of its material composition, tungsten cannot be engraved the way traditional metals are engraved. Instead, lasers are used to engrave tungsten rings. Laser-engraved tungsten rings in two tones will definitely make people look twice. Celtic knots are a popular choice for laser-engraved tungsten rings.

You can’t go wrong choosing any one of these men’s tungsten rings. Being strong, durable and scratch-resistant makes these tungsten rings very appealing. Add style and sophistication on top of that, as well as budget-friendly, and it makes a tungsten ring a no-brainer.

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