In many ways, a wedding could be the most important day of your life, and a garden wedding has a special kind of appeal. It is a celebration of the most ancient kind: the kind that celebrates our innate connection to nature and all of her gifts. Especially beautiful is a wedding that takes place in a garden, where some of the most beautiful plants and flowers are cultivated.  But what are some of the things you should consider when putting together your own garden wedding? How should it be organized? And what, if any, considerations must be in place for the unexpected complications that could arise, given that a garden wedding is outdoors. 

Why a Garden Wedding?

Garden weddings exude a distinct kind of magic. They're also unique platforms for creativity. Because it's an outdoor setting, unique ornaments can be brought in that simply couldn't be pulled off in a traditional religious structure. Also, the garden wedding can be more contained. Most likely, the garden is part of a larger complex which hopefully has many different rooms or areas. These venues, in addition to providing space for the garden wedding, could provide a space for a cocktail hour, dinner arrangements, and ultimately an after party/a place to dance.

No Spatial Attendee Restriction

Less of a Chance of Noise Restriction

Your Guests Will Stay Longer

Less Clean Up

What Kind of Garden Wedding Will You Have?

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Now that you've heard all of the benefits of having a garden wedding, it's time to plan for yours. There are also a great many themes to choose from that would fit the occasion of a garden party. But what to pick? We'll go through some of the more traditional garden wedding options first and then follow up with some of the more obscure and eccentric.

The Backyard Garden

The Historic Grounds

The Sea Garden

Amazing Garden Wedding Venues

Chairs, flowers and other decorations for the garden wedding

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We couldn't help but give you a brief list of some of the most amazing garden locations in the USA to give you an idea of what's available out there. This way, even if you don't pick one of these locations, you can go for something similar.

The Botanical Gardens of Buffalo, NY

The Franciscan Gardens of San Juan Capistrano, CA

The Audobon House and Tropical Gardens of Key West, FL

The Planterra Conservatory of West Bloomfield, MI

The SF Conservatory of Flowers of San Francisco, CA

What to Plan For

As far as garden wedding logistics are concerned, you'll have to make sure a series of preparations are met. This includes site selection and contingencies in the event of rain or other intrusions of the elements. But with a good planner and the right event staff, anything is possible.

Coverings and Contingencies

Animals and the Surrounding Area


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We hope this article has filled you with ideas that will ultimately make your garden wedding a success. We recommend getting the outdoor space that you want booked at least a year in advance if it's a popular spot. And even if it's not it's good to plan far enough in advance so that all of your preferences are met. So here's to the happiness of a new shared union and the scenic spot you choose to make it official in. Have a great wedding!

Featured Image: Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

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