If you’re under the age of 100, you’ve probably received Evites for parties in the past—birthday, graduation, holiday, or otherwise. Did you know you can also use Evite Save the Date to send out your wedding invitations?

It’s becoming more and more common for bridal parties to spread the word via email or Evite. We’ll cover all of the main benefits of doing so, including the cost savings, fast arrival, and low impact on the environment.

Etiquette: Can you use Evites for Save the Dates?

calendar with flower to illustrate etiquettes of using evite save the date

You’ll receive a lot of conflicting information about the etiquette of using electronic Save the Dates. The traditionalists will tell you no—Evites are too tacky, nobody will take your wedding seriously, and it’ll be a giant disaster. Unfortunately for them, we live in the 21st century now, where you can do almost anything online.

If your wedding is very formal, you may want to stick with paper Save the Dates. And, unless you’re having a small, casual wedding, you’ll probably need paper invitations as well. So, when is an Evite Save the Date appropriate?

Informal Weddings

Your guests will probably look at the style of your Save the Date to determine what the overall feel of the wedding will be. A formal, paper Save the Date for a wedding held at a church will convey that the dress code is pretty strict.

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When your guests receive an Evite Save the Date, they'll most likely assume a more casual wedding. You can add a note specifying how formal your guests should dress, but we can almost guarantee that someone will show up underdressed.

If you’re aiming for an informal wedding, and you’re keeping it small, Evite Save the Date can save you a lot of hassle and work just as well as the paper version. It also keeps with the theme of something less fussy and more casual.

VIPs/Out of Towners

Many couples are opting to use both Evite and formal Save the Dates. For their closest family and friends, they send the electronic version, since those people likely already know about the wedding and are just waiting for details.

As we’ll discuss later, Evites can also be sent out quickly and arrive instantaneously, making them perfect for out of town guests. You don’t have to worry about your electronic Save the Date being delayed, requiring extra postage, or getting lost.

Benefits of Using Evite for Save the Dates

roll calendar to illustrate benefits of evite save the date

Any medium you use for your wedding communications will have upsides and downsides. Here are some of the main reasons people choose Evite Save the Date:

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Addresses
  • Calendar Check


Wedding stationery can be ridiculously expensive. While some custom printers or DIY kits come with Save the Dates as well, most do not. The typical couple spends a good amount on their paper Save the Dates, not including postage.

You can send Evite Save the Date for absolutely no cost if you use one of their templates and don't add any extra features. For custom Evite Save the Date, you would use a premium design. Those can cost from affordable to premium price depending on how many people you're inviting.

Even if you only send Evites to some of your guests, you’ll still be saving money on postage and printing costs. That can be a lifesaver if you’re on a limited budget.


As we mentioned above, Evite Save the Date shows up in your guests’ inbox immediately. If your wedding is coming up quickly and you don’t have time for traditional Save the Dates, you might consider an Evite even for a larger wedding.


Nowadays, we’re far more likely to have someone’s email address than their home address. One of the biggest pains involved in sending out Save the Dates and invitations is getting a list of everyone’s addresses.

With Evites, all you need is your guests’ email addresses and names. You can spend your time on other, more rewarding wedding tasks.  Goodness knows that you have a long list of things you need to get done.


There is a ridiculous amount of paper involved in wedding invites and Save the Dates. Inner envelopes, outer envelopes, RSVP cards, return envelopes…all that paper is harmful to the environment.

Keep that paper out of the landfill by substituting Evites for your Save the Dates. You can even add a donation button that benefits the World Wildlife Fund or another nonprofit of your choice!

Negatives of Using Evite for Save the Dates

calendar with x mark to illustrate cons of evite save the date

It’s not all good news—there are certainly some downsides to using Evites for your Save the Dates which include:

  • Spam Filters
  • Technophobes
  • Fewer Reminders
  • Calendar Times
    Who’s Invited?

Spam Filters

Because Evites are used to contact many people at once, some email providers mark them as spam. That means there’s a chance some of your guests won’t see their Save the Date. If you can, get your wedding party and close family members to spread the word that people need to keep an eye on their spam folder.


As hard as it may be to believe, some people still don't use their email very much. Older relatives, in particular, aren't as good about keeping track of new emails or checking them frequently. If you want to ensure that these people come to your wedding, you may need to splurge on some paper Save the Dates just for them.

Fewer Reminders

Many people use paper Save the Dates as a physical reminder of an upcoming way. They hang it on their fridge or place it on their mantle so that they won't forget about it.

Evite does send periodic email reminders, but it’s not quite the same as walking past the Save the Date multiple times a day.

Who’s Invited?

In families and large households, there may be some confusion about who the Evite is intended for. While there's an etiquette for writing the names of the specific people you're inviting on your paper Save the Date, the same can't be said for Evite Save the Dates.

This could get especially confusing for families with children, especially older children. You should consider sending a separate Evite for each member of the household you wish to invite.

Tips for Using Evite Save the Dates

flowers, white shoes and printed wedding invites as alternative to evite save the date

To ensure your Evites are effective at getting people to show up to your wedding, we have a few tips for you.

Schedule Event Reminders

As we mentioned above, without the physical reminder of a Save the Date on the fridge, a lot of people will forget your wedding is coming up. That’s why you should schedule periodic reminders to email out to your guests.

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You can schedule these reminders automatically through the Evite system, though they could end up in your guests’ spam folders.

Some couples designate a specific person (usually the Maid of Honor or Best Man) to keep track of email addresses and send out manual reminders to everyone. This not only feels more personal, but it also takes one more task off your plate!

Focus on the Date

The date of your wedding should be the largest, boldest text on your Evite Save the Date. Give it its own line, rather than hiding it among other information. Someone should be able to give your Evite a quick glance and immediately know when your wedding is.

Keep it Short

Save the Dates are less informative than invitations, and people don’t expect much from them. The more text you add to your Evite Save the Date, the more likely people are to miss the key information they need.

You only need a few lines of text—the date, the names of the bride and groom, and an address. Anything more than that is just going to confuse people.

Customize Them

Evite makes it easy to upload your own images and designs. Use this to your advantage! Your friends and family should be able to take one look at the Save the Date and know it’s from you.

By creating your own Evite Save the Date, you’ll save yourself the frustration of answering phone calls from older relatives asking if you send it to them. Spam, sensationalist news stories, and legitimate hacking concerns have made everyone cautious about opening unfamiliar email messages and links.

Will Evite Save the Date? Our Final Thoughts!

wedding rings and invitation to be replaced by evite save the date

The internet has been around for a very long time, so it’s a shame weddings are stuck in the early 20th century (if that!). It’s no longer completely necessary to use paper and stamps to send out Save the Date cards.

Though our guide covers a lot of the expectations involved in using an Evite Save the Date, this is your wedding, which means you can get the word out however you want. You can use Evite for your wedding invitations as well, and cover them with cartoon characters and glitter. Some people will give you the side-eye, but this is your day, so you can do whatever you want!

Evite offers 40+ designs for Save the Dates, plus you have the option to create your own. Many of their designs are entirely free, as well! There’s an Evite Save the Date for almost any style and taste.

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