To say planning a wedding is stressful would be an understatement. Ask any couple who have tied the know and they will likely agree: getting married is one of the most stressful and anxiety-ridden activities that you’ll ever have to perform. One option to avoid this undue stress is to get eloped, but what if you and your significant other want a more traditional wedding?

The good news is that couples can still have traditional weddings without sacrificing their sanity. While there’s no way to completely avoid all wedding-related stress, there are simple steps and techniques that will greatly improve your stress levels while warding off wedding-related anxiety.

The Number One Cause of Wedding-Related Stress

It should come as no surprise that money is the number one cause of wedding-related stress. According to, 26% of newlywed couples reported money as being the most stressful aspect of planning their wedding.

We discussed this in a previous blog post, but couples today spend an average of $30,000 tying the knot — and that does not include the cost of a honeymoon. If you’re stressed over the cost of planning your wedding, you should take a step back to consolidate your finances and plan a more budget-friendly wedding.

Plan the Honeymoon

Sometimes all it takes to eliminate your wedding planning blues is to think of the honeymoon. This is when you and your significant other will be able to rest, relax and unwind after the months-long wedding planning. So the next time you are feeling stressed, browse through some vacation websites to begin brainstorming ideas for your honeymoon.

Pamper Yourself to a Spa Treatment

Don’t let the stresses of planning a wedding affect your emotional and/or physical well-bring. Schedule an appointment at your local spa for a relaxing pedicure, manicure, facial, and massage.

Pampering yourself with a spa treatment will melt your wedding worries away, allowing you to enjoy the simple things in life. Upon leaving the spa, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle your wedding planning once again.

Hire a Wedding Planner

If you have the available finances, consider hiring a wedding planner. Professional wedding planners aren’t cheap by any means, but he or she will take most of the stress of planning a wedding off your shoulders. And being that wedding planners are professionally trained in this type of work, they will likely be able to find better, and more affordable, service providers.

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