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If your planning a wedding, DIY (do it yourself) invitations are a unique and fun way to create your invites, all while saving you money. Your unique style with handmade details will add a nice touch to your invites. The team at Wedding Bell Invitations created a helpful guide called Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations: The Ultimate Guide. And when they say ultimate guide they sure mean an ultimate guide packed with everything you need to know when creating your own invitations. Including, Youtube videos and free printable wedding invitation template. They cover everything from advantages of making your own wedding invites, finding inspiration and ideas, choosing the right invitation style for yourself, testing your idea, and how to make your wedding cards with a full step by step guide.

So, if your looking at creating an invitation that is one of a kind with your creative style and/or looking for a step by step guide. Check out the article Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations: The Ultimate Guide now.