So, you’ve started shopping for an engagement ring, but now you’re faced with the task of choosing a diamond shape. There are several different shapes and styles of diamonds, making this otherwise simple shopping trip just a little more difficult. If you’re still lose when it comes to the various diamond shapes, keep reading for a more in-depth look. We’re going to reveal some of the most common diamond shapes for engagement rings and bridal ring sets.


It’s hard to go wrong with a round-cut diamond. Just as the name suggests, these diamonds are cut in the shape of a circle, offering a classic form of style that’s all brides are sure to love. Round-cut diamonds are also the single most popular shape for engagement rings, making them a ‘safe’ choice for hopeful grooms.


If round-cut diamonds are the most popular shape, princess-cut are a close second. Princess-cut diamonds mimic the shape of a shortened down rectangle. From afar, they may look like a traditional square, but up close you’ll notice princess-cut diamonds are more of a rectangle and less of a square. Brides love the brilliant, head-turning characteristics of princess-cut diamonds.


A third cut that oftentimes goes unnoticed by brides and grooms looking for an engagement ring is emerald. It’s not uncommon for first-time diamond ring shoppers to confuse princess and emerald cuts. So, what’s the difference between the two? Emerald-cut diamonds have a more rectangular shape, while princess-cuts have more of a square shape. Again, these nuances are difficult to spot from afar, but when you’re looking at an engagement ring up close, you’ll notice how emerald-cuts are more rectangular shaped.


One of my personal favorite diamond shapes is the marquise-cut. The easiest way to describe this cut without seeing it for yourself is that it looks like a narrow oval with pointed tips. The standard length to width ratio for most marquise-cuts falls somewhere around 1.75 and 2.25.


We really can’t talk about diamond shapes without mentioning the traditional oval-cut. Not to be confused with the marquise, oval-cuts are winder and feature rounded tops and bottoms. Because they are wider, rings with oval-cut diamonds tend to have more sparkle.

The truth is that there’s no ‘wrong’ diamond cut. Each and every bride has her own preference of style, so it’s important to follow her liking.