One of the many decisions you’ll have to make when planning a wedding is whether to have the reception indoors or outdoors. There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with each. To ensure your wedding day is everything you’ve always dreamed of, you must choose the right environment for your reception. Don’t worry if you are still undecided, as we’re going to reveal the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions.

Indoor Receptions

The biggest advantage of indoor receptions is the control you have over the temperature. You can set the thermostat to a cool 72-76 degrees for everyone to enjoy. With the temperature adjusted to a suitable level, you don’t have to worry about perspiring through your clothes. This alone is reason enough for some couples to choose indoor receptions.

Indoor receptions are also covered and protected against the rain, snow and other elements. Let’s face it, mother nature can turn an otherwise perfect outdoor wedding into a memorable disaster real quick. Thankfully, however, this isn’t a problem with indoor receptions, as the covered roof provides a sanctuary of protection for the bride, groom and all of the guests.

Outdoor Receptions

Although they don’t offer the same protection against the weather as indoor receptions, there are still some benefits of choosing an outdoor reception for your wedding. For starters, outdoor receptions offer a more romantic and attractive environment. Whether it’s in front of a lake, on the beach or in a garden, there’s a naturally relaxing element to outdoor receptions that’s not found elsewhere.

Outdoor receptions are also more spacious, allowing guests more freedom to move around. Certain indoor reception areas are designed with seating tightly packed together, which creates an uncomfortable scenario for guests.

If you are worried about it raining on your wedding day, you can always have a backup plan in place such as using a canopy. Setting up a canopy over your reception area will give you the peace of mind knowing that if the weather turns south, your wedding day won’t be ruined.

The truth is that both outdoor and indoor environments can offer the perfect wedding reception. When choosing your reception area, consider what the weather will be like. If you are having the wedding late in winter, then perhaps you should stick with an indoor reception. On the other hand, outdoor receptions are perfectly fine for spring and summer time.

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