When getting married, one of the most difficult decisions has got to be the wedding bands. Purchasing a ring for a man is often a lot more difficult than for a woman. There are a huge selection of rings available and choosing the right one for a man is tricky.

In most instances a man is not fully aware of the options available to him. Many are content to go along with a ring of their partner’s choice, but when selecting a wedding band it is wise to choose one that checks all the boxes. Color and style or even type of metal are all factors that come in to play when buying a wedding ring.

There is a current trend toward buying black wedding bands. In this article, I will explain about the different types available to you.

Black Zirconium Wedding Bands

Zirconium has some very interesting properties. To make it black, they allow the zirconium to oxidize. It is a metal that is remarkably heat resistant and is often used in space vehicles. It is very durable due to the heat treatment it undergoes. This means that the ring itself will often be more expensive than titanium, though.

Black Titanium Wedding Rings

Another type of black wedding ring is made from titanium. To make the titanium black, the metal has to go through a specific heat treatment to actually blacken the metal, not just the surface, but right through to the core. Due to this fact, your ring will be extremely durable, and it will never lose the coloring.

Black Tungsten Bands

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A more affordable option for a black wedding band is tungsten. Tungsten wedding bands are readily available and come in a variety of designs. Many often have Celtic patterns or similar designs on them. Many tungsten rings are simply coated.

Black Stainless Steel Rings

Probably not the best choice for a wedding band. It is durable, but prone to scratching. You will also be forever polishing it, as it will begin to lost its shine. If you prefer, you can get a black stainless steel ring with a matte finish to it.

Choosing a black wedding band has become more and more popular in recent times, as they appear a little bit more original than a typical gold wedding ring. Many men choose to go with a black ring, as it is more practical for their work. The black ring is less likely to show dirt or grime, especially if he works outside.

When it comes to the design of the ring, you have a great number of choices. You can have patterns engraved into the ring, or even a small stone if you’d like. Many of the black wedding bands available can also have a small band of a different color around the ring to highlight the black in your wedding ring.

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