Choosing who will stand by your side on your wedding day is a big decision. One member of your bridal party, in particular, holds an extra amount of responsibility in all of the wedding festivities, and that person is your maid of honor (MOH).

Your MOH is responsible for not only planning your bridal shower and bachelorette party, but is also there to lend a helping hand with addressing invites and rallying your bridesmaids together.

Being asked to be a maid of honor is a significant distinction in itself, but it is such a thoughtful gesture to put a little extra time and effort into choosing a thank you gift that will help to show her just how much she means to you.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas to suit every unique style and budget.

Monogrammed Stationary

If your maid of honor is always handing out thank you notes or jotting down notes for herself, sending some monogrammed stationary her way is a great idea. This gift is fun because it is personalized and practical.

Consider finding stationary for her that matches the colors of your wedding so that she will have a subtle reminder of what an important role she played on your big day every time she goes to use her customized paper products.

Versatile Jewelry

This choice is timeless and classic. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings all make great MOH gifts because they are multi-functional. Not only can your maid of honor wear her present on your big day, but she will also be able to use your gift on multiple occasions for years to come.

Make sure you pick out jewelry pieces that compliment the dress she will be wearing at your wedding. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, consider having initials or a personal message engraved on a bangle or pendant.

Spa Day

Being the MOH comes with a ton of responsibilities. It can be stressful for your maid of honor to juggle the demands of her everyday life all while helping you execute the many details that are important to you for your ceremony and reception.

Supply her with the gift of relaxation by getting her a gift certificate to her favorite spa. Depending on when you decide to give the gift certificate to her, she can either use it to help keep her calm on the days leading up to your wedding or can use the spa day to feel refreshed after all of the festivities have ended.

DIY Scrapbook

Homemade maid of honor gifts are an excellent idea for brides that are trying to stick to a tight budget. A scrapbook is a thoughtful way to piece together all of the ways your MOH has been by your side. She will be sure to notice all of the time and effort that you put into creating this big-hearted gesture.

You can opt to create a traditional, hard-copy scrapbook, or you may want to create a photo collection that is stored online so your maid of honor can take the memories with her wherever she goes. There are some great digital scrapbooking resources and services that you can find online to help you get started.

Fun Subscription Service

Subscription services are the gifts that keep on giving. If there is a magazine that your MOH is addicted to, getting her a year-long subscription so that she can stay up to date with all of her favorite trends.

A little bit different than a magazine, but just as fun, is getting her a 12-month service-of-the-month club subscription. The possibilities are relatively limitless here. There are options for nearly every hobby or interest someone may have.

For food lovers, there are subscription boxes for snack foods like chocolate or popcorn. There are also many options for beer and wine enthusiasts. Yogis can even rejoice in boxes that are designed just for them.

Cozy Pajama Set

No matter how cute and fashionable the bridal party attire is that you picked out, realistically, your maid of honor is probably only going to wear the dress she buys for your big day one time — on your wedding day. To combat this, consider getting her a comfy PJ set that she can wear over and over again.

There are some ways you can personalize this gift. Choose colors that coincide with your wedding décor, pick patters you know your MOH enjoys, or opt to get her initials embroidered directly on the pajamas.

Friendship Bracelets

Is your MOH your childhood best friend? Finding a cute set of friendship bracelets may just be the perfect gift to get her. Friendship bracelets allow you to give her something that she can wear every day, and are a great way to pay respect to the long relationship the two of you have carried on for many years.

Depending on the style preferences you have, choose from designs ranging from simple, matching gold bangles to extravagantly decorated charm bracelets. Your best friend is sure to get a kick out of a gift that has roots from your childhood.

Cute Luggage

This gift is practical and something that she is sure to appreciate. The great thing about luggage is that it is a well-suited gift for a variety of price ranges. You can find her a large 30-inch rolling suitcase that is sure to fit everything she needs for an extended vacation, or you can get her a small messenger bag that she can use to transport things back and forth from the office.

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets make perfect maid of honor gifts for all of the home chefs out there. If your MOH loves to spend time in the kitchen, she will appreciate receiving new tools for her to try out while cooking or baking.

Get a little crazy with this particular gift. Traditional kitchenware is perfect for wedding registries, but unless you know your MOH is in desperate need of some new cookie sheets, spice things up a bit.

Look into customizing a cheeseboard for her if she loves to host dinner parties. Breakfast aficionados will enjoy a microwave egg maker, and dessert-lovers will go crazy for ice cream sandwich makers.

Tasty Cocktail Kit

Ladies who love to kick back and relax with a cocktail are sure to enjoy a cocktail kit that they can use within the comforts of their own home. There’s a ton of different cocktail kits out there for you to choose from.

Some kits come with all of the barware accessories that are needed to make a carefully crafted cocktail, and some others just provide you with al of the ingredients necessary to make a delicious drink. Whether your maid of honor enjoys a good margarita or an old-fashioned on the rocks, you’ll be able to find a cocktail kit that will make her taste buds happy.

Pay for Wedding Day Makeup

If you’re planning on having your makeup professionally done for your wedding, look into paying for your maid of honor’s makeup for the day as well. Paying for her makeup to be done is one less thing that she’ll have to worry about on your big day.

Your MOH will enjoy the pampering before all of the festivities of the day, and the peace of mind of knowing that she has flawlessly done professional makeup isn’t a bad perk either.

Night Out on the Town

Does your maid of honor have a little one at home? If so, consider gifting her a night out on the town. Offer to watch her child, while she treats herself to a night of fun.

Offering up childcare is another budget-friendly option. Babysitting your maid of honor’s kids for the night will give her a much-needed break, and you will also get to spend some quality one-on-one time with them.

Alternatively, you may want to take her out yourself. Plan a night where the two of you can go out for dinner and celebrate your close relationship.

Wedding planning can make you feel like you’re continually trying to keep up with what seems like an endless amount of checklists and appointments. At times, all of the preparations may feel so overwhelming that you feel like you entirely must take a break from some of the stressful decisions that you need to make.

What better distraction from all of the craziness of contract negotiation and invitation addressing than taking a little time to focus on your best gal pal, your maid of honor? We’ve provided you with a few great ideas for maid of honor gifts that are sure to be a thoughtful way to let your MOH know just how much you appreciate her.

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