Setting up a wedding registry should be fun—you’re creating a wish-list of presents to receive on one of the best days of your life! To make the process a little easier for you, we reviewed the Belk wedding registry to determine whether or not it’s worth your time.

However, many couples find the registry process frustrating: selecting between hundreds of stores, creating the registries, and sorting through thousands of items to decide which ones to ask for. We all know couples have a lot to sort, from their rings, venue and even gifts for the entourage. Thus, we hope this review can provide some much needed help. 

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What is Belk’s Wedding Registry, and How Does It Work?

Screenshot of Belk Wedding Registry website homepage

Image: Screenshot of Belk website

Belk is a department store founded in North Carolina in 1888. Belk caters to southern women, and currently has 293 stores located in 16 southern American states.

Quick Facts:

add registry items on the go with your smartphone
vast selection of registry items for every budget
get expert advice from in-store bridal associates

Belk’s Wedding Registry

Belk’s in-store wedding registry has been around for decades, but their online registry didn’t come about until the early 2000s. It went through several revamps before becoming what it is today. Now you can create, manage, or find a registry in-store, online, or through the Belk smartphone app.


Creating a wedding registry with Belk is fast and easy, no matter which platform you use. 

Getting Started

You just enter your name, wedding date, pre-wedding and post-wedding address, and your fiancé's name.

Also, you can make a registry private if you don't want anyone to see it until you finish adding items, or you can make it public right away.

Adding Items

You can add items to your registry online, in a store, or through the smartphone app.

Through the website, you can search for items just like you would if you were online shopping; the only difference is you'll add the item to your registry instead of adding it to your cart. The website offers a registry guide with popular items and allows you to search by your style, the price-range, and the category.


The Belk smartphone app can function just like the website, allowing you to browse and add gifts. However, the best feature of the app is that you can bring it into a Belk store and use it to scan barcodes on the items you wish to add to your registry.

If you don’t want to use the app, and you like being able to see and touch things in person before adding them to a registry, you can go to a Belk store and visit the bridal department. An associate there can set you up with a hand-scanner that works just like the phone app.

What Makes the Belk Wedding Registry Unique?

checklist available at belk wedding registry website

Image: Screenshot from Belk website

Belk goes above and beyond to make the registry process as painless as possible.

In addition to the registry itself, Belk offers registry checklists (to make sure you don’t forget anything), tips and advice for setting up the registry, and free templates for registry enclosure cards to include with your wedding invitation.

Belk also keeps track of who purchases each item from your registry, and you can download that information to make "thank you" cards easier to manage. Also, Belk's 6-month returns and exchanges policy means you don't have to rush to return items before your honeymoon.

There are engagement and completion events a few times a year as well. Engagement events allow new brides-to-be to talk to wedding consultants, get help creating their registry, and receive some free goodies. Completion events offer massive discounts on any items left on your registry after the wedding.

Public Perception

Since the Belk wedding registry is available in-store, online, and as an app, there are separate reviews for each platform. We combed through all three to determine how their customers feel about the Belk wedding registry.

  • Pros
  • great customer service
  • easy to use mobile app and website is easy to navigate
  • vast selection of registry items
  • Cons
  • customers reported issues of faulty barcode scanners
  • affordable but a bit pricey when compared to Amazon


selection of wardrobe at belk wedding registry website

Image: Screenshot from Belk website

There are 293 Belk locations in the US, and each store has its own reviews. Rather than focusing on the individual reviews for each store, we looked for some common themes in both the positive and negative reviews.

Many customers raved about the personable, knowledgeable staff in the wedding registry department. Belk’s “bridal consultants” come armed with samples, planners, and the names and contact info of venues and other vendors. Brides-to-be receive welcome kits to help them through the registry process.

The scanners provided in Belk stores seem to be a little temperamental. Some customers reported no problems at all, while others complained that their scanner had trouble with many of the barcodes they tried to scan.

One of the big benefits of shopping online is the selection, but Belk customers seemed pleased with what was in-stock when they went registry shopping. Some people prefer seeing a physical item before they choose to purchase it, and they were able to do so without feeling like they were missing out on anything.

Belk also offers gift wrapping services for registry items, making things easier for your guests.

Some customers found that when their wedding guests purchased registry items in-store, the registry didn't always update to indicate the item was already purchased. That lead to couples receiving multiples of many popular items.


screenshot of steps in ordering at belk wedding registry website

Image: Screenshot from Belk website

We found very few complaints about the online registry experience. The site loads quickly, the initial set-up is foolproof, and the registry updated immediately when someone purchased an item.

The biggest complaint was that some of the items on the website were not available in-store when wedding guests tried to purchase them. However, you can see the local availability of an item on the product page, so you can avoid this issue by only selecting items that are available nearby.

Belk App

The overall impression we got from the reviews of the Belk app was that it could use some work. There are many recent reports of bugs, such as not being able to delete items from the shopping cart, coupon discounts not being applied, and very slow loading times.

While the app as a whole got tepid reviews, the registry portion was pretty popular. People love the convenience of being able to add registry items from home, then drive to the store and keep adding stuff with the barcode scanner.

Belk’s app team also provided great customer service to anyone with a negative review. They offered refunds or exchanges, apologized for issues, and reached out to every single person who left a review.

How It Compares

With all of the different registries out there, you could end up with decision fatigue before you even choose your potential gifts! To make your choice a little easier, we compared the Belk wedding registry to other big names to see how it stacks up. We’ll consider several factors including:

  • Online vs. In-Store
  • Merchandise
  • Shipping
  • Customer Service

Online vs. In-Store

A large percentage of people, especially from the younger generations, prefer to do all of their shopping online. An online registry makes it easy for them to see what gifts are left, pick something out, pay for it, and have it shipped, all within a matter of minutes. For most of these people, an in-store-only registry is a good way to ensure they choose to gift cash, instead.

However, if you have any older guests, they may balk at the idea of shopping for your gifts online. For them, the act of physically picking out a gift is very important.

By having a hybrid registry that works both online and in-store, Belk offers the best of both worlds. Technophobes can shop in a brick-and-mortar store, while the constantly-connected can order your gift with just a few clicks.

If most of your friends and family live in the southern United States, it should be easy for them to find a Belk to shop in. However, if you have guests living elsewhere, especially older folks, you should probably have at least one option that’s available in their location. Luckily, it’s standard for couples to have two to three different registries!


couple with travel luggages as one of the available items on belk wedding registry website

Image: Screenshot of Belk website

Belk offers most of the same merchandise as any other major department store, though they lean towards the “southern belle” motif. They have a great selection of home goods, clothing, and jewelry. If you’re looking for the staples like furniture, small appliances, and décor, Belk will have everything you need.

If you'd like to add some more unconventional items to your wedding registry, such as camping gear, electronics, or—the latest big trend— "experiences," you'll have to look elsewhere.

The merchandise at Belk is also of above-average quality for department stores, and their prices are about what you’d expect. If you need to offer less expensive options, you can add a Target or Walmart registry.


shipping information of belk wedding registry

Image: Screenshot from Belk website

Belk usually offers free standard shipping for orders for a specific amount, though they offer specials sometimes, such as free shipping in some occasions. For cheaper orders, standard shipping costs really cheap. Items typically arrive in 4-7 business days, though you can get express 2-day or overnight shipping for an extra charge.

Compared to Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, that may sound expensive. Amazon Prime members are used to receiving free 2-day shipping on almost any item. However, not everyone has a Prime membership, in which case their shipping will cost about the same as anywhere else.

Overall, Belk’s shipping policy and costs are pretty average for online versions of retail stores.

Customer Service

Belk received very high ratings for their customer service. We already mentioned how knowledgeable and personable their bridal staff is, but those traits carry over to their other departments as well.

Whether in-store, online, or on the Belk app, Belk’s employees are quick to respond to issues, answer questions, and go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy.

The only other store that can compare with that level of customer service is Amazon.

However, you can’t return items to Amazon in-person, and they make it deliberately difficult to find customer support phone numbers, forcing you to email or chat with them instead.

contact numbers of belk wedding registry (1)

Image: Screenshot from Belk website

Deals and Coupons

deals and offers at belk wedding registry website

Image: Screenshot of Belk website

You can grab good deals and discount and free shipping promos at Belk's website at any given time.

Belk offers “registry rebates” from 16 brands like Cephalon, KitchenAid, and Oneida. If you spend above a certain amount of money completing your registry with any of those brands, you can receive free gifts, such as a serving set or mixing bowls.

After your wedding, Belk offers a discount on all items left on your registry.

What We Think

  • The combination of an in-store, online, and app registry gives Belk a little bit of an edge. There are many online-only registries to choose from, but your older relatives might have a hard time navigating, so having a hybrid registry is the best of all worlds.
  • Belk's selection of merchandise is generally mid-range, though they do carry some premium brands. Their prices are affordable for most budgets, so you won't be alienating any friends who may be financially struggling.
  • The bridal staff at Belk stores is top-notch. Customers consistently praise the associates who help them set up their registry and return unwanted items.

The smartphone app leaves something to be desired, but it’s sufficient for basic registry tasks. The website registry is much more intuitive than the app, and the site runs quickly. You can easily find support for any questions you may have, or you can browse the registry guides, download a checklist, or read some registry tips.

Overall, we highly suggest signing up for a Belk registry, especially if you live in (or come from) the southern US. If neither you nor your family and friends live near a Belk department store, you may not find the process as rewarding.

Belk really benefits from having helpful, knowledgeable staff in their bridal department to assist stressed-out couples. If you’re outside of Belk’s region, but you don’t mind sticking with the online and app versions of the registry, you’ll still be happy with the Belk wedding registry.

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