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You’re getting married! Now the frenzy of setting a date, determining colors, picking your wedding party and finding the most perfect caterer that will set you apart from the rest begins. It seems like a lot of work but don’t worry. Let us help take one of those tasks off your ever-growing list by choosing your venue. 

Backyard weddings are the newest trend hitting the wedding scene, mainly because of their versatility. Here, are a few backyard wedding ideas to try on for size.

Backyard Wedding Themes

1. Go rustic for your backyard wedding. The natural woods and greenery surrounding you and your guests will be perfect. Buy some vintage lanterns and place them strategically throughout the space, highlighting the dessert and gift tables, photo booth and bar. For an added touch of elegance, drape light linens from the trees to frame your alter. The pictures will be spectacular. 

2. If you are choosing a backyard that also happens to have a barn available, use it! A barn is the perfect way to keep your guests from being subjected to any unexpected weather changes. Also, they are easy to decorate and most of the items needed may be readily available. Consider stringing lights from the rafters and grab all those old wine barrels that have been laying around. You can use them for glamorous flower arrangements. Leave the ropes and bales of hay right where there are. These items will only add to the incredible ambiance.

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3. This delicious theme will make your guests swoon. The utterly romantic starry nights theme is to die for. Find some paper-like, star-shaped lanterns to hang throughout the space. If you are a do-it-yourself type of couple, find lanterns, a star-shaped hole punch and create a glowing path down the aisle or use for extra light on tables. One of the most unique ideas we have seen within this theme is a constellation seating chart. Using various constellations or astrological signs as table names will be a touch they won’t soon forget.

4. If your backyard is a little sparse, start planting now. After all, what’s an enchanted garden without any naturally blooming flowers to feast your eyes on. If you are not the gardening type but still like the idea, higher a gardener to get backyard venue in tip-top shape for your nuptials. Ask them to plant all of your favorites so every area looks lush and full. Be creative as well, use large tin containers and crates to add more pizzazz.

5. Oh how we adore bohemian weddings. There are hundreds of backyard wedding ideas that fit this theme. Your guests will forget they are even in a backyard with all the colors dancing around them, the sumptuous lineup of mixed tableware and Moroccan-style candle holders. Think about using a bird cage to hold your wedding cards. Also, anything vintage will play well with this theme. Hand out handkerchiefs for everyone’s tears of joy and light, old-school quilts in case the evening turns cool.

Backyard Wedding Extras

Make your celebration as comfortable as possible by adding these easy touches.

1. Keep your guests informed, especially the ladies. There may not be anything worse than showing up all dolled up, ready to party, only to find out your heels will be sinking into the ground with every step. Have a bunch of heel covers for them just in case.

2. Offer some insect repellent options. Ensure the choices you provide are all-natural solutions but ones that work.

3. Just in case it is a scorcher on your big day, have some high-velocity fans on standby, but make sure they are quiet so everyone can hear the I-dos.

4. Skip the bartender and use the biggest flower box you can find for drinks. Fill it up with ice and watch your guests grab and go happily. No one will miss the long line. 

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5. Backyard weddings on bright, sunny days are amazing but can work havoc on your skin. Using dispensers is a cool way to provide sunscreen to those who forgot to apply.

6. Along those same lines, supplying parasols and/or sunglasses make a fun touch. They are practical, inexpensive and double as wedding favors.

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