From the flowers to the centerpieces, there are a long list of expenses that are associated with weddings. For many couples, it can be easy to exceed their budget and overspend on the event, which can make it challenging to afford a honeymoon afterward. To spend less while still visiting a beautiful destinations, there are a few affordable locations to travel to as newlyweds without breaking the bank.

Antigua, Guatemala

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Antigua, Guatemala has a rich history and is an incredible place to view beautiful architecture with cobblestone streets that can be found throughout the city. The prices are low for food, lodging, and activities, which makes it one of the most affordable honeymoon destinatons. The location is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is surrounded by volcanos, which can be visited be those who seek a bit of adventure on their honeymoon. It’s a compact city that can be explored by walking on foot, which can save on the cost of transportation during the trip.

Visitors to Antigua have the opportunity to visit ruins, view fountains, and see different types of monuments that are situated in the area. It’s also a great place to take an artisan workshop with locals where you can learn how to make natural peanut butter, metal art, and authentic Guatemalan cuisine.

There are also coffee farm tours that are available in Antigua, which allows visitors to learn how to pick, process, and roast their own coffee with the help of a coffee farmer. The coffee is picked in one of the local fields before visiting the home of the coffee farmer to wash and ferment the beans before tasting an incredible cup of coffee. Chocolate making classes are also available with local cocoa beans that are used, which will offer an insight into the history of chocolate and the plantations where the beans are grown. The classes are affordable and make for a great way of learning a new skill while spending time with local residents of the area.


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Couples who are looking for cheap honeymoon ideas can benefit by visiting Croatia for a beautiful destination that is one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations in the world. The island of Hvar is beautiful for its charming villages and views of the ocean. As a European beach that features medieval architecture, it’s a great place to explore when you want a getaway that is both romantic and magical. There are miles of beaches available with a bustling nightlife scene, which makes it easy to lounge on the white sand during the day and visit several of the bars or clubs in the evening.

Many of the hotels are quaint and charming in Croatia with low prices that are often under $100 per night, which can be paid for with a honeymoon fund at your wedding. Visitors can travel by shuttle boat on the water, which will make it easy to leave the main harbor and visit different Paklinski islands that are nearby. You can even rent a private boat for a chance to see the rock formations or private coves that are located within miles of the hotels for rich experiences that will make for incredible memories.

Those who want a break from the water can also visit the expansive lavender fields, which are located inland on the island. The fields are often remote and unoccupied for a great place to photograph or have a picnic with your spouse.


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There are a number of different cheap honeymoon packages that are available for those who want to travel to Mexico for a tropical destination that will allow you to soak in the sun in each season. Many of the packages are all-inclusive, which allows you to pay a flat rate and eat or drink as much as you want at a resort or hotel.

Cancun, Cabo San Lucus, and Puerto Vallarta are all the top places to visit for those who want to enjoy spending their time at the beach and participating in plenty of water activities. Cancun has a popular nightlife scene with plenty of shops and restaurants that are available. It’s also a great place to snorkel and explore the underwater marine life in turquoise waters that are truly stunning.

Cabo San Lucas is known as a popular place to dive with beautiful El Arco rock formations that are scattered on the beaches. You’ll get the chance to indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine or take boat tours without spending a significant amount of money.

Puerto Vallarta is known as a resort town in Mexico on the coast and welcomes visitors to visit one of the multiple beaches that are available or explore its historic town center. You can enjoy visiting many of the ornate churches or have fun in the nightlife scene that is available at many of the bars and restaurants in town.

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