Wedding photographers are one of the most crucial people involved in a wedding. They are the ones who run around all day, placing things and people perfectly in line to capture the ideal moment. They are the ones who are on a time crunch to get the pictures to the anxious brides. And while they are often working behind the scenes, they are often overlooked as someone who is there to encourage the bride and her party as well as attending to the guest’s needs. So in this blog, 7 professional photographers that work within Pennsylvania were asked this one, simple question:

If you had to tell the bride one thing on her wedding day, what would it be?

Alyssa Boettner from
Tagna Bilden Photography:

“I always try to reassure my brides not to stress and that things will run smoothly but also that no matter what glitches may happen, at the end of the day, they will be married to the love of their life. And that’s all they need to focus on! That’s not necessarily photography, but I just think that is something every bride should hear and it was helpful for me to hear on my wedding day!”

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Joelle from Joelle Lee Photography:

“To just BREATHE.”

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Cindy from
Cindy Frey Photography:

“I would tell them to plan well before the wedding, but when the day comes, relax, have fun, and let the hired professionals take care of everything.”

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John from
John Malloy Photography:

“Live in the moment and enjoy them all!”

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From Meagan Nicole Photography: 

“If I could tell a bride one thing on her wedding day it would be to look around, take a deep breath and soak it all in. The wedding day goes by so fast, so take in each moment. Maybe have a friend in charge of using her iPhone to snap all the moments from start to finish to catch those silly, weird, moments that the photographer wouldn’t normally get. NO matter what, the timeline usually falls behind, so let go of any stress that you had leading up to that day because you can’t change anything on the day of. There’s nothing left to do but to sit back and enjoy the ride!”

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Megan from Megan Zeller Photography: 

“I always tell them how amazing they look. It makes them glow!”

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Olivia from
Olivia Rae Photography:

“One thing I would tell the bride is to soak in every moment of the day. From the very moment the day starts in the bridal room to the very end of the reception! The day flies by and it’s so easy to rush through the day just wanting to get to the next event (pictures, ceremony, reception etc.) and you something miss out on the little moments if you don’t just take a few minutes throughout the day to stop and soak it all in!”

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While wedding photographers run around to try and capture everything that goes into the wedding day, many times it’s forgotten that they too have probably either been married or have been in a wedding. Are your nerves as a bride kicking in? Ask your photographer about their wedding day or their favorite wedding they have shot. Not only will it most likely calm the butterflies in your stomach, but will also bring a smile to your photographer’s face. Plus you may get some pretty awesome stories out of it.

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