One of the more popular wedding theme trends over the past several years has been the rustic wedding.

This design element that incorporates vintage and repurposed materials is a great way to create a classy and elegant wedding that has a little feeling from the past. How do you get this theme perfect though?

If you are looking to design your wedding for a rustic theme, here are some helpful tips and tricks to getting everything right.

#1 Vintage Suitcases

Getting the rustic wedding look correct is all based on your accessories and little design elements that help tie the theme together completely. From the flowers, ceremony background, centerpieces and more, all these features combine to complete the theme no matter what your bridal party is wearing or what colors you have chosen.

One of the coolest design pieces you can introduce to your wedding theme for the rustic look are old suitcases. Vintage suitcases can provide a wide variety of different uses in your wedding. 
From serving as a cakestand, using it as a guest book box, or a place for cards from your guests, you can find a wide variety of purposes for a great vintage suitcase at your wedding.

#2 Rustic Cake

One of the most attractive and anticipated pieces of any wedding every year is the wedding cake. From what kind of cake and frosting is used, to how the bride and groom serve it to each other, this is always a popular topic of discussion among wedding crowds.

For the bride and groom looking to create a rustic wedding, the cake is a great place to make that theme really come to live. Frosting can be used in a wide variety of way. From creating each cake to look like a birchwood trivet, or decorating it in a woodland theme, there are a plethora of ways you can utilize the cake as a feature to complete the rustic feel.

#3 Mason Jars

They have been around for decades, and now the mason jar is becoming an incredibly popular design piece for rustic weddings all over the place. With such versatility, it is no wonder that the 
mason jar is a common rustic piece.

With the mason jar, there are many different ways you can utilize it in your wedding. From drink jars that are crafted up or just by themselves, holding flower arrangements as centerpieces, or even hanging from trees as lighting elements, the possibilities are endless for how you can use these jars in your wedding to complete the rustic feel.